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(of a story or statement) of doubtful authenticity, although widely circulated as being true.
  1. 'his alleged description of opera as ‘fat gits singing’ is probably apocryphal'
  2. 'Perhaps someday this apocryphal tale will become what it should be: an illustration of how easily even ‘experts’ can sometimes fall victim to the very same dangers they warn us about.'
  3. 'The story is probably apocryphal, since botanical evidence suggests that the coffee plant originated in the highlands of central Ethiopia.'
  4. 'Urban legends are apocryphal or wildly inaccurate stories that are passed on from person to person until they reach a point where they are accepted as truth.'
  5. 'The apocryphal story of Robert Bruce watching the spider spin its web seven times, which restored his faith to battle the English once again, became a staple of inspirational lecturers.'
  6. 'In much the same way that the - no doubt - apocryphal tale of the mum writing her son a note excusing him from gym the following week because ‘he will have flu’ always raises a titter.'
  7. 'Whether this story is apocryphal or not, it accurately reflects the band's philosophy and perhaps predicts the directions their music would take.'
  8. 'More convincing than this thorough inspection of apocryphal statements and chronological details are the passages in which Bann teaches us how to see early photographic reproductions of art.'
  9. 'Could his death have been the consequence of a greedy search for treasure, or is this yet another apocryphal story?'
  10. 'This story is surely apocryphal, but it does sound like an announcement with a story behind it!'
  11. 'Many baseball reporters claim the story is apocryphal, but others insist on its verity.'
  12. 'Early Greek manuscripts of the Bible present a series of 14 canticles or ‘odes’ including the Gloria in excelsis and the apocryphal Prayer of Manasseh.'
  13. 'And finally, in the last extant part of the apocryphal Gospel of Mary, Mary is defended by the disciple Levi, presumably the son of Alphaeus.'
  14. 'There being little or no biblical evidence for any of these claims, the programme focused on apocryphal writings - including a Gospel of Mary Magdalene which turned up in 1945.'
  15. 'Many other apocryphal Jewish and Christian works were in circulation too, not just the famous Gnostic Gospels.'
  16. 'Many of the apocryphal gospels of the second and subsequent centuries are written in ‘worse’ Greek than Mark - that is, worse by the Attic standard.'
  17. 'Rose refers to the apocryphal book, Wisdom of Solomon, as ‘scripture’.'
  18. 'None of this of course is in the New Testament, although once again some elements of these stories can be found in what we call the apocryphal New Testament, later Christian writings.'
  19. 'These include biblical, apocryphal, sectarian, and legal writings.'
  20. 'What many may find to be the most helpful section of each chapter is where the author discusses the ‘Influence’ of each apocryphal book upon the authors of the New Testament.'
  21. 'As I have noted elsewhere, as a literature specialist, I find a distinct difference in quality between the canonical and apocryphal books.'

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1. of doubtful authorship or authenticity.

2. Ecclesiastical. (initial capital letter) of or relating to the Apocrypha. of doubtful sanction; uncanonical.

3. false; spurious: He told an apocryphal story about the sword, but the truth was later revealed.

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"stories can be apocryphal."

"works can be apocryphal."

"gospels can be apocryphal."

"texts can be apocryphal."

"tales can be apocryphal."

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