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A flat, typically one that is well appointed or used for holidays.
  1. 'Each building consists principally of residential apartments of various sizes.'
  2. 'Places to stay range from hotels and bed and breakfast to self-catering apartments, farmhouses and camping.'
  3. 'Property developers, building luxury apartments for the wealthy few, have too much influence, says Steve.'
  4. 'The owner plans to convert the building into apartments.'
  5. 'The wooden lodges range from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom timber houses.'
  6. 'Many local houseowners have made a killing converting their flats into such apartments.'
  7. 'There would be 50 flats, including penthouse apartments, over seven or eight floors.'
  8. 'Can you see high hills dappled in snow from your apartment or damp basement flat?'
  9. 'Living in cities is more popular and the more expensive flats and apartments are centrally located.'
  10. 'Kingston Square will be flanked by commercial office suites on the ground floor, with residential apartments above.'
  11. 'the family lived in a rented apartment'
  12. 'The company is also building town houses and apartments overlooking the Meia Praia beach in the attractive town of Lagos.'
  13. 'Chiefs are also looking at ending the misery of residents at the Westgate apartments by banning drinking in the War Memorial Gardens.'
  14. 'Previously there had been a presumption in favour of housing, making it difficult to reject plans for flats and apartments.'
  15. 'The project, in the Canal Street area, is due for completion in 2006 and will include cafes, bars and apartments.'
  16. 'It isn't only new blocks of multi-storey apartments that give rise to legal issues.'
  17. 'Shrewsbury Road's Sean Dunne is currently building apartments on Brighton Road in Foxrock.'
  18. 'I meet Chezelle outside the breeze block apartments in which Henry used to live.'
  19. 'OLD Town is the midst of a major redevelopment with apartments and flats close to being completed.'
  20. 'Is there enormous uninsurable risk involved in building apartments?'
  21. 'New developments, apartments, balconied villas, shops and restaurants are springing up everywhere.'
  22. 'the Imperial apartments'
  23. 'The door that led to his apartments from the dining room was firmly shut.'
  24. 'Seconds later, Father Zeke emerged from his private apartments in the back of the chapel.'
  25. 'The tour by-passed the private apartments on the next two floors.'
  26. 'Apparently, until quite recently, one could request the air from the Marquis of Blandford's private apartments.'
  27. 'Service rooms and a kitchen lay at one end of the hall, and at the other the lord's private apartments.'

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1. a room or a group of related rooms, among similar sets in one building, designed for use as a dwelling.

2. a building containing or made up of such rooms.

3. any separated room or group of rooms in a house or other dwelling: We heard cries from an apartment at the back of the house.

4. apartments, British. a set of rooms used as a dwelling by one person or one family.

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Mid 17th century (denoting a private suite of rooms): from French appartement, from Italian appartamento, from appartare ‘to separate’, from a parte ‘apart’.