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Any person or people.
  1. 'does anyone remember him?'
  2. 'If they do not want to go out and meet anyone, someone may also be deputed to meet them.'
  3. 'Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be anyone around to pick up the phone.'
  4. 'The leaflets will remind pensioners never to open their doors to anyone they are unsure of.'
  5. 'Last night Charlotte begged anyone who had a copy of the footage to come forward.'
  6. 'Somehow, the kitchen would be full of fabulous food without anyone going to any effort.'
  7. 'If we employed anyone who wasn't family we would have to employ all sorts of safety measures.'
  8. 'It is not thought anyone was in the building, which was once a ballroom and Corn Exchange.'
  9. 'You should always ask for ID, and never let anyone into your home that you are not sure of.'
  10. 'While she accepted she had to go, she said she had not deliberately misled anyone.'
  11. 'If anyone has more information on the subject, please feel free to add links in the comments.'
  12. 'anyone could do it'
  13. 'More than anyone, he needs to get it together if he wants to win the competition.'
  14. 'It's hard to imagine anyone ever getting quite so worked up over these new buses.'
  15. 'Like anyone moving to the big bad world of a city, they have had to toughen up.'
  16. 'So hone your skills, get some samples and talk to anyone and everyone about what you can offer.'
  17. 'Even a cursory look at the new science GCSE is enough to give anyone pause for thought.'
  18. 'I try to tell her that as she grows older her needs may be reduced but she is a woman who will not be told or driven by anyone.'
  19. 'Alternatively, anyone can take part in the coffee morning and hold their own event.'
  20. 'In her eleven years of life she has yet to be dominated by anyone or anything.'
  21. 'Francis had never been afraid of anyone for as long as I had known him, not even the oldest of the old.'
  22. 'I enjoy travelling on fast roads with music blasting from the stereo as much as anyone else.'
A person of importance or authority.
  1. 'Anyone who's anyone in the industry will be there!'

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1. any person at all; anybody: Did anyone see the accident?

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"imaginations can be anyones."

"guesses can be anyones."




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