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Opposed to; against.
  1. 'In 2005, she stated publicly that she wouldn't ‘be seen dead there’ and has been anti any contact with that country.'
  2. 'We're very anti people being passed on methadone.'
  3. 'You're not anti the pharmaceutical industry, are you?'


  1. 'Too often this debate is polarised into pro and anti camps, and this book does not help in this regard.'
  2. 'I do not want this government wasting parliament time on what is an unimportant issue, and if the anti brigade stopped their demos maybe we should have enough police on the streets to deal with the human vermin.'
  3. 'Helen is frankly public in her dislike of it, though Raenette's vote against the law in parliament means she is still the poster-child for the anti brigade.'
  4. 'I thought the debate went from the pro argument to the anti argument.'
  5. 'But even in January 1975 the anti campaign still had an 8% edge.'


A person opposed to a particular policy, activity, or idea.
  1. 'It seems that, as is usually the case, the antis have the louder voice in the current debate.'
  2. 'I think it's more likely that the inevitable setbacks will increase popular determination to see the war through, and that many will blame the antis for encouraging and even aiding our enemies.'
  3. 'What we got instead was a supporting commentary designed to cause as little offence as possible to antis.'
  4. 'The antis think they've won and we carry on hunting within the law and we think we've won.'
  5. 'You know that if you are working within the regulations, you are doing it right, no matter what the antis accuse you of’.'
  6. 'There may well be some antis and they're perfectly entitled to come and let their opinions be known as long as they don't break any laws.'
  7. 'But I've read the stories in the Evening Press, and watched the letters come and go, and now the antis have my vote.'
  8. 'I don't think there were many antis and I think it would be ideal to use that area if we can pull it off.'
  9. 'If there is evidence of moral cowardice and a lack of conviction among the pro-war lobby, however, it is more than matched among the antis.'
  10. 'I think it's just used because ‘selfish’ is the worst thing the antis can call something.'


1. a person who is opposed to a particular practice, party, policy, action, etc.

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"householderses can be anti to anglers."

"householderses can be anti at streets."

"householderses can be anti at ends."

"people can be anti."

"campaigners can be anti."

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Late 18th century (as a noun): independent usage of anti-.