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In a new or different and typically more positive way.
  1. 'I could have easily exchanged my name permanently for a Hindu one and begun life anew in Calcutta.'
  2. 'When the project was initiated in 1998, 23 smugglers came forward to begin life anew.'
  3. 'Who can blame them when they've chosen to begin anew somewhere so beautiful?'
  4. 'Chasseriau studies begin anew with the current exhibition and its catalogue.'
  5. 'The seemingly harmonious life of the family is shattered and the two women decide to go away to a distant place and begin life anew on their own.'
  6. 'I am blessed when a night ending in argument is followed by a day begun anew with a kiss.'
  7. 'That day, on which his life began anew, is still fresh in the mind of Colin Warner, 42.'
  8. 'We must rip the fabric of our society from corner to corner and begin anew.'
  9. 'You too will begin to appreciate anew the simple ordinary weekendy things.'
  10. 'However, his genius was so great that other than French people forgot his dishonesty and he began life anew in his native place.'
  11. 'tears filled her eyes anew'
  12. 'As his footsteps retreated down the hallway, I fell to the floor and began to sob anew.'
  13. 'The soldier's eyes narrowed with rage, and he leapt at Derryn to begin the fight anew.'
  14. 'The crowd dispersed, the couple forming once again, and the dances began anew.'
  15. 'She blinks a few times, shakes her head to get the hair out of her eyes, and begins her stare anew.'
  16. 'At that moment, the music stopped and began anew just as quickly; a waltzing minuet.'
  17. 'The quest for a decent cup of coffee in Nottingham city centre begins anew tomorrow, then.'
  18. 'We wondered what would happen if a female lost her eggs or nestlings to predators and began the nesting cycle anew.'
  19. 'After several months, the ones that survive the hazards at sea seek out a new stream and begin the cycle anew.'
  20. 'He began his march to the exit anew but halted once more, turning his head back to face her again.'
  21. 'He has since refiled that suit on behalf of other parents and the whole process has begun anew.'

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1. over again; again; once more: to play the tune anew.

2. in a new form or manner: to write the story anew.

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"companies can be anew at movings."

"places can be anew at organizations."

"weeks can be anew."

"months can be anew."

"places can be anew."

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