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Behave uncontrollably and disruptively.
  1. 'The police won't really come out unless someone's running amuck.'
  2. 'And you see corporate crime running amuck with very limited enforcement resources.'
  3. 'Our children are now running amuck because we are not listening to them.'
  4. 'Everywhere I looked, I saw spandex running amok.'
  5. 'Why is it that when a lunatic, criminal or terrorist runs amok with a gun, the media shouts ‘ban guns’, yet when an aircraft is deliberately flown into a skyscraper or a joyrider wipes out a bus queue, we never hear ‘ban aircraft and cars’.'
  6. 'The sight of a proper gentleman fuming with European rage while wearing a woman's wig and running amuck with his British coworkers as they get out of yet another pickle with the local authorities usually has me laughing.'
  7. 'And what a saucy lot they were in the early Sixties with rampant double entendres and camped-up characters running amok amid the laughter.'
  8. 'And before I knew it, the foam had oozed profusely, running amok outside of the can and onto my hands, clothes, shoes, and yes, even running down my leg.'
  9. 'Countries around the world are facing the problem of anarchists running amok.'
  10. 'This winter has been dreadful, it started out alright, I thought for a while I was immune to the colds running amok at work but just before Christmas I got whacked and really haven't been myself since.'

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1. (among members of certain Southeast Asian cultures) a psychic disturbance characterized by depression followed by a manic urge to murder. adjective

2. amuck. Idioms

3. run / go amok. amuck (def 3).

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"twos can be amok."

"styles can be amok."

"people can be amok."

"minds can be amok."

"followings can be amok."

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Mid 17th century: via Portuguese amouco, from Malay amok ‘rushing in a frenzy’. Early use was as a noun denoting a Malay in a homicidal frenzy.