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Let (someone) have or do something.
  1. with two objects 'she was allowed a higher profile'
  2. 'Before we do so, we are prepared to allow you 28 days in which to investigate the position and respond accordingly.'
  3. 'This woman was my therapist and had only agreed to accommodate my neediness by allowing me to watch her ride on a Saturday morning during a competition.'
  4. 'The council's Community Plan allows residents to get involved to help them draw up policies to shape the future of the borough.'
  5. 'The plan is to allow workers to divert some percentage of their payroll taxes into private accounts.'
  6. 'These state laws grant permits allowing practically any citizen without a criminal record to carry a concealed weapon in public.'
  7. 'Faced with these figures, it beggars belief that the Government is prepared to allow people to drink around the clock.'
  8. 'United Utilities says the permits will allow it to make use of water which would otherwise flow into the River Eamont and River Leven.'
  9. 'Because we are prepared to allow people to make their own decisions we cannot be sure just quite where those decisions will take them.'
  10. 'Imam said his team would prepare regulations allowing family members to help the visually impaired exercise their political rights.'
  11. 'At the rate O'Reilly is going, he'll be the only person allowed to speak in a couple of years.'
  12. 'St Lucian immigration authorities allowed him to enter the country for a five-day stay.'
  13. 'The Salford sailor was issued with a identity card that allowed him to freely enter and leave ports and docks.'
  14. 'The werewolf then lowered his pistol and stepped aside, allowing the duo to step into the bank.'
  15. 'We have no business allowing 65,000 people to come in from abroad and take their place.'
  16. 'Katelina pushed her key through the lock, turned it, and shoved the door aside, allowing herself entrance into her house.'
  17. 'Legal powers agreed in 1990 allow officers to enter properties and turn off alarms if the owner fails to do so.'
  18. 'The council operates a permit scheme to allow vehicles to cross the promenade - at a price.'
  19. 'Jabin whispered to him, and the man stepped aside, allowing his rather large group in.'
  20. 'Stray cats allowed inside will not be permitted to jump up on or sharpen their claws on the furniture.'
  21. 'Thank you for allowing us to enter the throne room of God with our imperfections and doubts.'
  22. 'political advertising on television is not allowed'
  23. 'Member John Blackie is pushing for changes in the Local Plan to allow barn conversions for local housing.'
  24. 'The organisers of this year's Wiltshire Festival have signed on the dotted line to allow the huge event to take place.'
  25. 'At the meeting on Tuesday, a number of detailed conditions were agreed to ensure it is clear what type of activities are allowed in the gardens.'
  26. 'The claim takes in farms, rivers and national parks but allows commercial activity to continue.'
  27. 'No commercial announcements or non Church related activities are allowed as they are prohibited by law.'
  28. 'This created greater economic freedom, as some small-scale private economic activity was allowed.'
  29. 'The established socialized enterprises were allowed to contract work in the developing private sphere.'
  30. 'He said members have a plan that will allow churchyard burials to continue ‘for years to come’.'
  31. 'Only one opposition party was allowed to contest the elections; the others called for a boycott of the elections.'
  32. 'Yu credits his network of creative friends that allowed this event to take place as an example of how we can get involved.'
Give the necessary time or opportunity for.
  1. with object and infinitive 'he stopped to allow his eyes to adjust'
  2. 'Making your own arrangements also allows you to inspect the accommodation before you make a commitment.'
  3. 'In addition to allowing him to travel throughout the city, the job permits him to meet ‘with all kinds of people’.'
  4. 'This drill also allows cavalry men to prepare for battle on foot.'
  5. 'The good weather we've experienced over the past two days allowed us to fully prepare the cars for the forthcoming European races.'
  6. 'What makes ice so slippery, allowing these fun activities?'
  7. 'This type of soil will permit good drainage while allowing sufficient water retention.'
  8. 'Mobile communication technology is allowing more people in poor countries to gain access to voice communications.'
  9. 'Chef Stefan did say that he uses very little condiments in the preparation, allowing the guests to add to their own taste.'
  10. 'At 30 minutes, it's the right amount of time and the twists and turns of the journey allow me to prepare myself for my day.'
  11. 'The international scope of the Internet allows dissident actors to network themselves at a transnational scale.'
  12. 'Typically, there will be a provision in the rules allowing for their variation from time to time.'
  13. 'Full membership also allows for discounted fishing throughout the season.'
  14. 'I cannot see anywhere in the legislation a provision that will allow for the removal of those people.'
  15. 'Its most notable provision allowed for the sale of contraceptives to anyone aged over 18.'
  16. 'Kirkwall's town centre will be closed next week to allow for road resurfacing works.'
  17. 'Our goal should be to find ways to allow for smoother orderly traffic flow on our roads.'
  18. 'In some cases the provision which allows for or requires the thing to be done also prescribes that it must be done personally and not by an agent.'
  19. 'The long road home allowed for a postmortem of the event, and I felt that I should pursue a kind of debriefing with Peter.'
  20. 'And, finally, drivers should be aware that they will need to carry cash to allow for toll roads.'
  21. 'Life expectancy is adjusted to allow for the fact that people live part of their lives in less than full health.'
  22. 'income rose by 11 per cent allowing for inflation'
  23. 'A wrong calculation allowing for too little time will result in an unfinished work.'
  24. 'Allowing for obsolescence in intelligence testing is just as essential as allowing for inflation in economic analysis.'
  25. 'A business plan that does not allow for adjustment can end up very far off the mark.'
  26. 'Overweight and obesity are defined by the Body Mass Index, or BMI, which is a way of calculating weight, allowing for height.'
  27. 'Plan your trip allowing for short breaks and start out fresh by getting enough sleep in the week leading up to your trip.'
  28. 'Do you know how much you will realistically be able to take out from your pension or invested capital, after allowing for inflation?'
  29. 'Even allowing for recent levels of inflation that would still be worth well over £10,000 at today's prices.'
  30. 'We calculated drug costs after allowing for an 18% rate of non-adherence to treatment.'
  31. 'Take several cuttings to allow for a percentage of failure and trim the leaves from the lower half of each cutting.'
  32. 'He identified the problem that the oven hoods were considerably larger than had been allowed for by the designers in their drawings.'
  33. 'The scarf's purpose is to allow the bobbin case hook to get close to the needle eye and catch the thread to form a stitch.'
  34. 'A parent's room is provided to allow them to meet in a friendly atmosphere and this will also be a feature of the new school.'
  35. 'The extra consultant would allow her department to provide a separate clinic for infected haemophiliacs.'
  36. 'He argued that he should have been given a record of his speed to allow him to prepare his defence.'
  37. 'I put the packs aside and allowed myself another two days to think more about it.'
  38. 'The current application asks six personal-essay questions and allows 400 words for each answer.'
Admit the truth of; concede.
  1. with direct speech '‘Could happen,’ she allowed indifferently'
  2. 'He should have allowed that the British Empire was made out of empty spaces or, in India, collapsing states.'
  3. 'If you allowed that it went off by reflex action, you would never succeed.'
  4. 'I hesitated, but allowed that we'd do sort of a trial run for a few months.'
  5. 'Lincoln allowed that he himself could never support the man'
  6. 'He allowed that Social Security was ‘the single most successful government program in American history.’'

More definitions

1. to give permission to or for; permit: to allow a student to be absent; No swimming allowed.

2. to let have; give as one's share; grant as one's right: to allow a person $100 for expenses.

3. to permit by neglect, oversight, or the like: to allow a door to remain open.

4. to admit; acknowledge; concede: to allow a claim.

5. to take into consideration, as by adding or subtracting; set apart: to allow an hour for changing trains.

6. Older Use. to say;

More examples(as adjective)

"schemes can be allow in lives."

"people can be allow by personalities."

"woods can be allow from balls."

"rules can be allow on powers."

"properties can be allow to subscribers."

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Middle English (originally in the senses ‘commend, sanction’ and ‘assign as a right’): from Old French alouer, from Latin allaudare ‘to praise’, reinforced by medieval Latin allocare ‘to place’ (see allocate).


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