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A narrow passageway between or behind buildings.
  1. 'there were a few muggings in the backstreets and alleys'
  2. 'He turned a corner and walked down a narrow alley to where the door to his apartment complex was.'
  3. 'It has great 18th and 19th century architecture, with houses built one on top of another separated by stone-paved narrow alleys.'
  4. 'Florence's centre, with its narrow alleys, Renaissance buildings and art treasures, was off-limits to the protesters, and the airspace above the city was closed to private aircraft.'
  5. 'Away from boulevards and cafes, away from lights and crowds, he lived among the narrow, twisting alleys.'
  6. 'There are narrow alleys, sharp corners, open courtyards, one-way streets, even dead ends.'
  7. 'Some sort of material formed a network of roads in the narrow alleys between buildings, which appeared to filled with humanoids.'
  8. 'I've heard rumors about men in trench coats, lurking in dark alleys behind office buildings closed for the day.'
  9. 'People still have homes behind the peeling façades in these narrow, winding alleys.'
  10. 'A few hours later, Paul and I were standing in the pouring rain in the alley behind the Johnston Building.'
  11. 'As you walk along narrow alleys, there is a chance that you will see a door and behind it a gondola, or a harpsichord, a fresco or a baroque orchestra rehearsing for an evening concert.'
  12. 'Some other members of the neighborhood helped to plant flowers and trees along the alley.'
  13. 'Rigid with fear Alf began to jog down an alley where the trees hung over to form a canopy beneath the lights creating a shadowy, menacing passageway.'
  14. 'The route is a fascinating medley of cobbled paths, alleys, fortified walls, and gardens.'
  15. 'Driving out I passed through rolling land with farms and forests and so many alleys of trees.'
  16. 'a skittle alley'
  17. 'It opened in 1996, after they put in many hours of voluntary work converting the former factory into a comfortable place to relax, with its own bar and skittle alley.'
  18. 'The club offers live music and cabaret acts, a bar, a skittle alley, a function room seating more than 100 people, and various other attractions.'
  19. 'I couldn't find the old skittle alley, but thankfully they still have a bar.'
  20. 'In his youth Michael spent a considerable amount of his time in the handball alley in Asdee and became a great exponent of that game.'
  21. 'At 4.5 feet, it is exactly the width of a tennis alley.'
  22. 'The Giants need to push back the power alleys, especially in right field -- the one point that juts out to 420 feet doesn't count.'
  23. 'The 315-foot left field line and short alleys have turned Houston baseball into a nightly slugging contest.'


A toy marble made of marble, alabaster, or glass.
  1. 'To shoot correctly you held the marble between the thumb and forefinger and by flicking the thumb you propelled the alley forward, at great speed.'

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1. a passage, as through a continuous row of houses, permitting access from the street to backyards, garages, etc.

2. a narrow back street.

3. a walk, as in a garden, enclosed with hedges or shrubbery.

4. Bowling. a long, narrow, wooden lane or floor along which the ball is rolled. (often plural) a building for bowling. bowling green.

5. Tennis. the space on each side of a tennis court between the doubles sideline and the service or singles sideline.

6. Rare. an aisl

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(alley)Early 18th century: perhaps a diminutive of alabaster.


make one's alley good