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Relating to or resembling a wing or wings.
  1. 'In ostriches the alar bone integrated with the elements of the prefrontal bones.'
  2. 'We captured undisturbed birds and collected the initial baseline blood samples by puncturing the alar vein and collecting blood in heparinized microhematocrit 100-l tubes.'
  3. 'Autoicous, perigonia in axillary buds, perichaetial leaves weakly differentiated... and alar cells that are somewhat enlarged and weakly differentiated.'
  4. 'Leaf with alternate large and small teeth; alar cells distinctly subquadrate.'
  5. 'The smaller alar fissure width on flowers of non-fruiting plants apparently reduces the probability of successful pollinia insertions in these plants.'


A growth retardant sprayed on fruit and vegetables to enhance the quality of the crop.
  1. 'Acsh, which had assets of $1.8 million in 1998, made its first headlines by refuting the dangers of the potentially carcinogenic growth hormone Alar, which was widely sprayed on apples to keep them on the tree longer.'
  2. 'Stossel also warped reality to make concerns over the pesticide Alar, used by apple growers to protect the appearance of fruit, sound like a hoax.'


1. pertaining to or having wings; alary.

2. winglike; wing-shaped.

3. Anatomy, Botany. axillary.

More examples(as adjective)

"tops can be alar."


1960s: of unknown origin.