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The carriage of goods by aircraft.
  1. as adverb 'the exhibit was flown airfreight'
  2. 'Air China is luring investors to the sale citing an expected increase in demand for air travel and airfreight, boosted by China's average 9 percent annual economic growth during the past decade.'
  3. 'He was more optimistic about the outlook for airfreight.'
  4. 'Aside from that, they also provide emergency back up for vehicle-off-road demands through airfreight.'
  5. 'Miami tells him it sold half of the crop at $1.25 a pound, a price that includes 50 cents for airfreight.'
  6. 'Eventually Rebecca and Greg got the kit boxed and sent by airfreight to Addis, the capital of Ethiopia, to coincide with a trip to his home town by Samuel.'
  7. 'The illegal generic drugs are then shipped from India to the United States and delivered by an airfreight forwarding company based in the United States.'
  8. 'In his email, Murzello laments that ‘we cannot send them (the men, that is) airfreight, which would assure a quick, guaranteed delivery!’'
  9. 'Arrange the flowers which were picked yesterday for airfreight from East Africa.'
  10. 'Undeterred, Johnson had his Kawasaki shipped from Los Angeles to Old Bridge Township Raceway Park via airfreight and used the oversized shipping crate as his pit area for the weekend.'
  11. 'To a company planning to ship airfreight on a daily basis, it is.'
  12. 'When the Chinese suppliers struggled to meet production schedules, the manufacturer was forced to use expensive airfreight.'
  13. 'At the moment, they will deliver the machine to Southampton and we will send it on to you: I assume that you would wish us to send it airfreight.'
  14. 'It moved 594,600 metric tons of airfreight and had 184,300 flights.'
  15. 'A new system introduced by the city government has cut the average time spent on customs clearance and cargo handling for airfreight at Shanghai's Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone by half, to six hours.'
  16. 'When you think of the disruption at the Canadian and Mexican borders, not being able to get airfreight into the country, what these guys did was just incredible.'
  17. 'I read that for a time in the 1920s more airfreight was lifted annually out of Papua New Guinea than in all the rest of the world put together.'
  18. 'The report also shows that despite common perception, it is cheaper to move airfreight via Hong Kong from the factory in Guangdong to many overseas markets than it is to use airports such as Guangzhou.'
  19. 'The company, which is the largest carrier of airfreight for other airlines, lost its way early last year.'


Carry or send (goods) by aircraft.
  1. 'The aid agency airfreighted the books, which I then handed over to concerned teachers in two schools where home economics featured on the curriculum.'
  2. 'He points out that millions of pounds are being spent on airfreighting out resources that could be sourced from Singapore, China, India, Thailand and Malaysia.'
  3. 'The fish were airfreighted to the University of Edinburgh and housed in 90-cm-long aquaria.'
  4. 'Then they are airfreighted to Broughton and by barge to Toulouse in France.'
  5. 'Tight production schedules meant that both cars were airfreighted to the US this week.'
  6. 'Live coral reef fish, from the Great Barrier Reef and Pacific Island nations, are airfreighted to Asia for restaurants, where they fetch large prices as status symbols.'
  7. 'There must also be a demand created for travel resulting from foreign investment in the area, investment which creates businesses that require easy access and a facility to airfreight suitable product.'
  8. 'Deciding to take a gamble, he packed up and airfreighted much of his stock to New York City, bought a round-trip ticket (as required for a six-month business visitor's visa), and set out to make his fortune.'

More definitions

1. air freight. verb (used with object)

2. to send or ship by air freight: to airfreight French bread to the U.S. verb (used without object)

3. to ship cargo by air freight: During the truckers' strike we had to airfreight. adjective

4. of, relating to, or involved in air freight: the airfreight business.

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