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An aircraft designed to carry a large number of passengers economically, especially over relatively short routes.
  1. 'The airbus from Heathrow was almost empty, which you'd expect at 6.34 am, and I sat on the top deck right in front, not caring that the sun was shining into my eyes because the vapour trails in the sky were worth risking blindness for.'
  2. 'A replacement airbus was flown over from Belfast and the fed up passengers eventually left two days later and arrived in Manchester 43 hours later than expected.'

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1. a short-range or medium-range commercial passenger airplane, especially one that is part of a frequent shuttlelike service between two popular destinations.

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"orders can be airbus."

"limelights can be airbus."

"failures can be airbus."

"flights can be airbus."

"contracts can be airbus."

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