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A safety device fitted inside a road vehicle, consisting of a cushion designed to inflate rapidly and protect passengers from impact in the event of a collision.
  1. 'A rear-facing safety seat must not be placed in the front passenger seat of any vehicle that has an air bag on the passenger side.'
  2. 'An air bag is designed to protect a driver or passenger in the event that an accident occurs.'
  3. 'The air bag assembly comprises an inflator for generating gas and an air bag cushion deployable upon generation of gas by the inflator.'
  4. 'An air bag typically inflates in less than 0.1 sec and then deflates slowly over the next few seconds.'
  5. 'If an occupant is improperly seated and resting his or her head against a window, the air bag is designed to slide between the glass and occupant as it inflates.'
  6. 'The system will also automatically activate if the air bag inflates, indicating a possible accident.'
  7. 'If the system senses a child seat, distinguishable by the flat pattern, it will disable the air bag on the passenger side.'
  8. 'He was wearing a seat belt and his air bag deployed.'
  9. 'By the way, as the air bag fills the hub of the steering wheel, becoming familiar with the location of the horn buttons takes some time.'
  10. 'This network of sensors sends signals to a black box imbedded in the vehicle that controls seatbelt tension and air bag velocity which makes the crash much less jarring for all the occupants of the vehicle.'

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1. an inflatable plastic bag mounted under the dashboard or on the back of the front seat of a car: it cushions the driver and passengers by inflating automatically in the event of collision.

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