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In poor health.
  1. figurative 'the ailing economy'
  2. 'Her experiences set her thinking about new ways to fix our ailing health service'
  3. 'And the market is certainly not the tonic for our ailing health service.'
  4. 'From the viewpoint of public policy this is desirable, if banks are to be encouraged to nurse ailing companies back to health.'
  5. 'The government hopes the devaluation will boost exports and increase investment in the ailing economy.'
  6. 'However, governments around the globe have adopted policies to nurse their ailing economies back to health.'
  7. 'Can he live with the further pressures on the ailing health and education services?'
  8. 'An historic city that has struggled to boost its ailing economy, it must polish its reputation as a tourist and convention centre.'
  9. 'He now aims at becoming a doctor to help the poor, and perhaps some day, his ailing mother too.'
  10. 'This costs us hundreds of millions of dollars annually in tax revenues which could be used for our ailing health care system.'
  11. 'On to Egypt now, where a new integrated resort community could help shore up an ailing economy.'


1. sickly; unwell.

2. unsound or troubled: a financially ailing corporation.

More examples(as adjective)

"subsidiaries can be ailing under losses."

"people can be ailing with cancers."

"people can be ailing for times."

"governments can be ailing since meetings."

"estates can be ailing under losses."

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