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Further forward in space; in the line of one's forward motion.
  1. 'he was striding ahead towards the stream'
  2. 'Loud, angry voices carried to him from the narrow space ahead.'
  3. 'Then, just before the interval, Brewster crafted a path for Ian Black on the left but he opted to let fly from long range when the space ahead beckoned him to come a little closer.'
  4. 'There were problems somewhere up ahead on the line, but the chain kept moving, and Lopez felt pressure to keep up.'
  5. 'Getting out we can see that there's couple more spaces ahead, then a cattlegrid, another junction and apparently a cottage beyond it.'
  6. 'Vicki stepped off the escalator, waited for him to do the same, and then motioned ahead.'
  7. 'As I motioned him ahead he looked at me with disbelief then lunged forward.'
  8. 'Once they got through the horribly long line, Ellen ran ahead and found them a table.'
  9. 'Nowadays we just shake our heads in misery and shuffle ahead in line, waiting for the next available teller.'
  10. 'Then Mr. Lake moved to stand beside Sara, again motioning ahead.'
  11. '‘Come, we might as well start our journey as we talk,’ he said as he motioned towards the road ahead.'
  12. 'we have to plan ahead'
  13. 'What steps have been taken, and what's ahead in the near future?'
  14. 'Tabby is a very talented entertainer and he has bright future ahead on stage.'
  15. 'But looking ahead to the future, a scenario that we all fear is one in which the administration effectively ceases to function.'
  16. 'Rachel told the meeting that there is a huge amount of work to be undertaken in the months ahead.'
  17. 'Mrs Gilligan, who with her husband and sons runs a thriving dairying farm, believes the new system will give farmers the freedom to plan ahead for the future.'
  18. 'It is difficult to plan ahead when the future is so uncertain.'
  19. 'But there was still a big future ahead for plastics, in packaging, for example.'
  20. 'Sometime ahead in future, these images may become invaluable records.'
  21. 'Keep optimistic about the future and keep looking ahead.'
  22. 'It's that time when we think about the year ahead and start making plans for the future.'
  23. 'However, the day ahead is dominated by a massive amount of college homework.'
In the lead.
  1. 'Playing against the wind in the first half, Granlahan still managed to edge ahead and held a four points lead at the interval.'
  2. 'Sunderland might have gone further ahead when leading scorer Stephen Elliott wriggled into the penalty area only to drive his shot into the side netting.'
  3. 'Ireland took a handy 18-8 lead into the break and went further ahead within four minutes of the re-start.'
  4. 'First Japan inched ahead to a tenuous lead holding it through the first half of the race.'
  5. 'The crucial thing was that coming up the last few minutes, we were four points ahead but couldn't defend that lead.'
  6. 'Bootham Cons surged ahead to lead 8-1 but Holgate fought back to 10-10 after 11 ends.'
  7. 'Gearoid Nagle then pushed Jades ahead again to lead 44-46 as the game entered the final minute.'
  8. 'Pak responded with a birdie of her own at the 12th to tie the lead but Sorenstam edged ahead again at 15.'
  9. 'Quitting while he was ahead, Shaw led his last big band in 1950.'
  10. 'A contrary view might emphasize that the market makers have invested vast amounts to stay ahead in the race for information.'
Higher in number, amount, or value than previously.
  1. 'While demand may pick up as the threat of recession recedes, there are doubts that corporate profitability can soar ahead.'
  2. 'Operating profits from the region were 12% ahead on the back of greater efficiency and lower costs.'
  3. 'Pre-tax profits are likely to race ahead to around £84.9m from £36.9m in 2002.'
  4. 'They are worlds ahead in price, quality and overall value.'
  5. 'Corporate banking was also very strongly ahead with profits rising by 44 per cent.'
  6. 'Analysts expect next year's half-year profits to nudge ahead to about £60m from £57m last time.'

More definitions

1. in or to the front; in advance of; before: Walk ahead of us.

2. in a forward direction; onward; forward: The line of cars moved ahead slowly.

3. into or for the future: Plan ahead.

4. so as to register a later time: to set the clock ahead.

5. at or to a different time, either earlier or later: to push a deadline ahead one day from Tuesday to Monday; to push a deadline ahead one day from Tuesday to Wednesday.

6. onward toward success; to a more advantageous position

More examples(as adjective)

"places can be ahead of deadlines."

"people can be ahead of people."

"places can be ahead of places."

"places can be ahead in minutes."

"cargoes can be ahead of deadlines."

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Mid 16th century (originally in nautical use): from a- ‘in, at’ + head.


ahead of
ahead of time
ahead of one's (or its) time
get ahead of oneself