Adjective "aguish" definition and examples

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  1. 'At Wesel, in the rear of all this travelling and excitement, Friedrich falls unwell; breaks down there into an aguish feverish distemper, which, for several months after, impeded his movements, would he have yielded to it.'
  2. '"I heard to my surprise the other day from Swan, whose son, it seems, was doing some work at Melcombe this spring (making a greenhouse, I think), that Mrs. Melcombe wintered at Mentone, partly on her boy's account, for he had a feverish or aguish illness at Venice, and she was advised not to bring him to England."'


1. producing, resembling, or resulting from ague.

2. easily affected by or subject to fits of ague.

3. shaking; quivering.

More examples(as adjective)

"distempers can be aguish."