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Before the present; earlier (used with a measurement of time)
  1. 'two years ago his parents moved house'
  2. 'They talk about it less now than they did a week ago, but the spectre of it is omnipresent.'
  3. 'He was born over eighty years ago in the house next to the church and died in a house next to the church.'
  4. 'It was like a minute ago that I talked to Natalie and now I am on my way in my Jaguar to get her.'
  5. 'Ten years ago was the worse year of my life. It was a year when nothing seemed to go right.'
  6. 'The owner decided to give it a trial when he got rid of his previous cab a week or two ago.'
  7. 'He admitted that he'd met a girl a year ago and she was moving to Derby in Jan and wanted to meet up.'
  8. 'She had beaten off the disease five years ago after a melanoma had been found on her leg.'
  9. 'Ten years ago there was outrage when he was released for five days to go on a holiday.'
  10. 'I spent two weeks a few years ago proofreading it for him and confess it was hard work.'
  11. 'Its not hard to find stories on the issue and it happened over a week ago so why is Younge not aware of it?'

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1. gone; gone by; past (usually preceded by a noun): five days ago. adverb

2. in past time; in the past: All this happened long ago.

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"weeks can be ago in places."

"roses can be ago to shares."

"years can be ago."

"people can be ago."

"quarters can be ago."

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Middle English ago, agone, past participle of the obsolete verb ago ‘pass’, used to express passage of time.