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A state of anxiety or nervous excitement.
  1. 'In particular, delusional patients showed higher scores in agitation and anxiety.'
  2. 'This reaction can include anxiety, agitation, muscle twitches, nausea, confusion and convulsions.'
  3. 'Discussing it too far in advance may produce anxiety and agitation.'
  4. 'It is also associated with memory difficulties, attentional problems, anxiety, agitation and then some individuals develop cognitive decline.'
  5. 'The medication can reduce the concomitant anxiety and agitation, but does little to stop the underlying delusions.'
  6. 'Corydalis is a European sedative herb that addresses insomnia that stems from nervousness, agitation, depression or anxiety.'
  7. 'Depression can also cause anxiety and agitation.'
  8. 'Moreover, he was plagued by a kind of sullen, intense, nervous agitation, similar to that of a drug-addict experiencing withdrawal.'
  9. 'As with all natives of this combination, the Aries / Virgo may suffer from nervous anxiety, agitation, and stress.'
  10. '‘Tooker's anxiety and agitation spun out of control in the weeks preceding his death,’ she recalls.'
Brisk stirring or disturbance of a liquid.
  1. 'Therefore, reliability of liquid or slurry manure analysis results is best with agitation.'
  2. 'Inadequate agitation can result if the agitator control valve is not adjusted properly or if the pump has inadequate capacity.'
  3. 'Can be used with minimal agitation when processing roll film in tanks for very pronounced adjacency effects that can result in great apparent sharpness.'
  4. 'Soak in hypo clearing agent for 3 minutes with agitation, or 10 minutes without agitation.'
  5. 'It is governed by temperature, contact between the solids and liquid and the degree of agitation, time, and by the composition of the extracting liquid, in this case the grape juice as it becomes wine.'
  6. 'Dangerous concentrations can be released by agitation of stored liquid manure.'
  7. 'I had to look up the word roil there as I was worried I had just created a portmanteau word from Boil and Oil - well sort of portmanteau but it does mean in a state of turbulence or agitation.'
The arousing of public concern about an issue and pressing for action on it.
  1. 'In 1795, during a period of high food prices and severe public agitation, stones were thrown at the King's carriage as he went to Westminster to open a new session of parliament.'
  2. 'There was agitation for reform and spies haunted the streets.'
  3. 'One issue they've used to galvanize their public is continuing agitation to erode the constitutional safeguards against establishment of religion.'
  4. 'Nonetheless, shifting national coalitions also provided focal points for public antiwar information and agitation.'
  5. 'This issue is a priority for shareholder agitation.'
  6. 'It led to more assertive Catholic agitation over religious issues such as denominational schooling or the defence of Catholic doctrines.'
  7. 'He would in fact have been hard-pressed to discuss postwar monetary and foreign policy or domestic issues such as labor agitation and demobilization.'
  8. 'The media's apparent agitation on risky issues is part of their democratic function.'
  9. 'It increased popular support by its association with the land reform agitation.'
  10. 'It saw the Bread or Blood riots, frontier repressions and concerted anti-Chinese agitation.'
  11. 'It appears that the sun does not set without at least one agitation, with protestors competing to put forth their demands in a novel manner.'
  12. 'Routine agitations and protests against the rising number of liquor shops still continue.'
  13. 'During the Assam agitation, the agitation-leaders came up with numbers like 4/5 millions of illegal aliens in Assam.'
  14. 'After protest and agitation led by UP Urdu Teachers' Association, Urdu teachers started getting full salaries from 1997 onwards.'
  15. 'They have threatened to resort to agitation if any government official tried to get the shops closed forcibly or a fine is imposed upon them.'
  16. 'In a statement issued here, the DUTA executive has announced that while it will call off the impending agitation, it will maintain a strict watch over the developments.'
  17. 'He ventured out to the crowd, as fish takes to water, as a good portion of his career was spent in the middle of public protests and agitations.'
  18. 'Issues are being diverted by new issues, which are also evoking spontaneous agitations / demonstrations.'
  19. 'Opposition youth wing to launch agitation against Left front'
  20. 'Ito Sumardi said that five people from Jakarta had entered Surabaya in order to carry out agitation and encourage demonstrations.'

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1. the act or process of agitating; state of being agitated: She left in great agitation.

2. persistent urging of a political or social cause or theory before the public.

3. Also called psychomotor agitation. psychological and physical restlessness, manifested by pacing, hand-wringing, or other activity, sometimes occurring as a symptom of severe depression, schizophrenia, or other mental disorder.

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"measures can be agitations."


(agitation)Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘action, being active’): from Latin agitatio(n-), from the verb agitare (see agitate).