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An ornamental stone consisting of a hard variety of chalcedony (quartz), typically banded in appearance.
  1. 'My necklaces are made mainly of semiprecious stones, such as agate, quartz, amber, rock crystal and jade.'
  2. 'Slowest-forming and most beautiful of all, huge crystals of amethyst, agate, chalcedony and rock crystal grow where condensed water has managed to seep into naturally insulated rock crevices.'
  3. 'The depictions of birds and flowers were executed in precious materials including lapis lazuli, agate, Sicilian red and green jasper, chalcedony, amethyst and quartz as well as superb hard stones.'
  4. 'A well-known locality for agate or chalcedony nodules in rhyolite (thunder eggs) is near the Twin Mountains, northwest of Del Norte in Saguache County.'
  5. 'With a technique called Parchin Kari, inlaid gemstones of lapis lazuli, agate, and garnet were selected for their variations in tone, giving the resulting flowers an illusion of depth.'
  6. 'There are semi-precious stones like jasper and agate, inlaid on the top.'
  7. 'I glanced at my agate stone and then back at the policeman.'
  8. 'In fact, seventeen of the fifty-seven sites are specifically listed for agate, chalcedony, chert, jasper, or petrified wood.'
  9. 'Attractive gemstone paintings, which use garnet, turquoise, yellow agate and red jasper, from Agra catch the attention of visitors.'
  10. 'The raw materials of these tools were pottery, porcelain, copper, iron, lacquer, wood, bamboo, stone, jade, jadeite, agate and coral.'
  11. 'I do remember we played for keepsies and I won a nice collection of clearies, cat-eyes (the purple/green combos were my favorites), a few highly prized speckled eggs, aggies (agates), alleys (alabaster/marble), steelies, and even a few boulders.'
  12. 'Anyone could knock your shooter out of the ring and, guess what?---there goes your treasured Christmas agate.'

More definitions

1. a variegated chalcedony showing curved, colored bands or other markings.

2. a playing marble made of this substance, or of glass in imitation of it.

3. Printing. a 5½-point type of a size between pearl and nonpareil.Compare ruby (def 5).

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"glowings can be agate."


Late 15th century: from French, via Latin from Greek akhatēs.