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The time from noon or lunchtime to evening.
  1. 'I'll be back at three in the afternoon'
  2. 'Rain came on in the afternoon and in the evening the downpour increased.'
  3. 'It was nice to see them and we had a pleasant afternoon and evening.'
  4. 'This afternoon, at the stadium, the pair come face to face for the first time this season.'
  5. 'This afternoon, I have been sitting down for a fair bit, and now my back is really sore again.'
  6. 'Scores of people visited the event, which ran through the afternoon and into the evening.'
  7. 'He loved to spend an afternoon or evening exchanging jokes and stories over a long game of cards.'
  8. 'The problems happened during late afternoons, evenings and on Saturdays.'
  9. 'There is no shame in returning at lunchtime to spend the afternoon with a book, or relaxing in the rooftop hot tub.'
  10. 'This afternoon, the team plays for the first time since sharing six goals with Rangers a fortnight ago.'
  11. 'Throughout the afternoon and evening local bands played live and there was a barbecue for visitors to enjoy.'


In the afternoon; every afternoon.
  1. 'On afternoons and weekends you can visit nearby beaches, islands, fishing villages, hidden lagoons, reservoirs, coconut plantations, and waterfalls.'
  2. 'If you want to work only afternoons, that is going to shape your business as well.'
  3. 'The pool is open afternoons, and weekends, with lifeguards on duty during all working hours.'
  4. 'He works afternoons, so he doesn’t see his children all week when they are in school.'
  5. 'She works afternoons so she can be home with our son before school and I can be there when he gets home.'


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    1. the time from noon until evening.

    2. the latter part: the afternoon of life. adjective

    3. pertaining to the latter part of the day.

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    "sessions can be afternoon."

    "sellings can be afternoon."

    "meetings can be afternoon."

    "activities can be afternoon."

    "actions can be afternoon."

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