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In a state of tremulous excitement.
  1. 'He was aflutter with both excitement and anger, so his normally sharp and tactful mind was scattered and unfocused.'
  2. 'This boy will have the young people all aflutter.'
  3. 'This four-time Olympic champion has a charming smile that wins the love of middle-aged parents and sets young people's heart aflutter with affection.'
  4. 'And though it's considered one of their lesser efforts, just having these two names in the credits are enough to set classic movie fans' hearts aflutter.'
  5. 'We're not telling you to go for someone who doesn't make your heart go aflutter just so you can have a boyfriend.'
  6. 'The resulting car would, it hoped, be a sporty machine refined enough to waft executive types along the motorway in comfort but capable of setting their hearts aflutter when they left the slip roads behind for winding country lanes.'
  7. 'None the less, it set both their hearts aflutter.'
  8. 'The Danish capital is all aflutter in anticipation.'
  9. 'Most students find their stomachs aflutter with nerves during the first days and even weeks of school.'
  10. 'Their winsome smiles and charming looks lit up the place, setting hearts aflutter.'


1. in a flutter.

More examples(as adjective)

"flames can be aflutter."

"cloaks can be aflutter."