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In flames; burning.
  1. 'The obvious appeal of the portrait is the notion that a person's pilot light remains aflame even in the darkest of times.'
  2. 'They did not attempt to confront mobs as they set aflame people and properties, they set up no camps to shelter the bereaved and destitute survivors.'
  3. 'He watched as the glass rained down slowly to the ground, emeralds falling from the tower, which was now aflame.'
  4. 'Splinters were flung in every direction, some aflame, becoming miniature meteors as they ignited in the dry air.'
  5. 'A piece of the roof, set aflame by the uncontrolled inferno, suddenly fell from the roof and on top of Tempest's right leg.'
  6. 'If would have been quite hilarious to see the pampered boys' reaction to having his expensive clothing set aflame.'
  7. 'This time I dunked the sugar cube in the absinthe and set it aflame.'
  8. 'Then a rain of fire arrows light the ladders as some hit the soldiers setting them aflame.'
  9. 'The passage was lighted with a few lanterns that were magically kept aflame, and it was almost as cold there as it was outside.'
  10. 'The names usually refer to the tall flowering spike which in medieval times was dipped in tallow and set aflame as a torch in the evening.'


1. on fire; ablaze: The house was all aflame.

2. eager and excited: I was aflame with curiosity.

More examples(as adjective)

"officers can be aflame for services."

"people can be aflame with zeals."

"meads can be aflame with buttercups."

"lungs can be aflame with efforts."

"beings can be aflame with desires."

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