Adjective "Affixed" Definition and Examples




    1. to fasten, join, or attach (usually followed by to): to affix stamps to a letter.

    2. to put or add on; append: to affix a signature to a contract.

    3. to impress (a seal or stamp).

    4. to attach (blame, reproach, ridicule, etc.). noun

    5. something that is joined or attached.

    6. Grammar. a bound inflectional or derivational element, as a prefix, infix, or suffix, added to a base or stem to form a fresh stem or a word, as -ed added to want to form wanted, o



    "sides can be affixed before lids."

    "plates can be affixed to cases."

    "pins can be affixed to cases."

    "musics can be affixed in ways."

    "motifs can be affixed to cases."

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