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The branch of technology and industry concerned with both aviation and space flight.
  1. 'Canada's aerospace industry has taken off with more lift than just about any other country's.'
  2. 'The aerospace industries are a central arena for trade conflicts between the US and Europe.'
  3. 'He moved to Germany in 1996 where he studied first German and then aerospace engineering.'
  4. 'The American aerospace and computer industries simply wouldn't exist without it.'
  5. 'In the same way, aerospace often pulls out of downturns after the rest of a slumping economy is back on its feet.'
  6. 'That the US aerospace industry is in need of a wake up call is no longer a question.'
  7. 'These processes are used primarily by the aircraft and aerospace industries.'
  8. 'One of the most exciting and emerging fields of engineering is aviation and aerospace.'
  9. 'The agency is targeting the financial sector as well as IT, aerospace, creative industries and food and drink.'
  10. 'The flight bug drove him to study aerospace engineering and serve as a Navy pilot in Vietnam.'

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1. the atmosphere and the space beyond considered as a whole.

2. the industry concerned with the design and manufacture of aircraft, rockets, missiles, spacecraft, etc., that operate in aerospace. adjective

3. of or relating to aerospace or the aerospace industry.

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"industries can be aerospace."

"markets can be aerospace."

"firms can be aerospace."

"businesses can be aerospace."

"units can be aerospace."

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