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Relating to the region comprising the Aegean Sea and its coasts and islands.
  1. 'In the Aegean region, especially, a revolution in tractor usage took place.'
  2. 'Fierce storms in the Aegean can strike unexpectedly.'
  3. 'Most islands within the Aegean are traditionally consider to be ‘Greek’.'
  4. 'Agamemnon only hides behind that pretext, however, as his real aim is to extend control over the Aegean region.'
  5. 'Nightlife is non-existent, but it's a great spot to relax, and absorb equal amounts of Greek sunlight and fresh Aegean air.'
  6. 'The Athenian wit Stratonicus was with some friends in Maroneia, a small city on the northern coast of the Aegean.'
  7. 'The Aegean becomes the Mediterranean, once the portal to new worlds.'
  8. 'He lies not in ‘some corner of a foreign field’, but on the crest of the Aegean island of Scyros.'
  9. 'Why does no one appear to be very tanned, given that they live in the sun-baked Aegean region?'
  10. 'Meanwhile, in the skies above an Aegean island, terrible danger grows.'


The Aegean Sea or its region.
  1. 'An extensive Bronze Age settlement on the northern coast of the Cycladic island of Melos in the southern Aegean, Greece.'
  2. 'Recently, a displacement of > = 100 km was proposed for the Cretan detachment in the Aegean.'
  3. 'In any scenario, the resulting disappearance of one of the Aegean's great city-states is beyond dispute.'
  4. 'Julie Summers sings the praises of the scenic diving to be enjoyed off the rocky shores of Fethiye, in the Turkish Aegean.'
  5. 'On September 23 1942 he took off from an airfield near Alexandria on a solo reconnaissance over the Aegean.'
  6. 'The League was successful in its immediate aim of driving the Persians from the northern Aegean.'
  7. 'Turkey and Greece are continuing contacts to find resolutions to their issues over the Aegean.'
  8. 'In 490 a Persian expeditionary force sailed across the Aegean.'
  9. 'With more the 300 days of sunshine Rhodes is the pearl of the Aegean.'
  10. 'The whitewashed buildings of the main town are perched on the crater rim, thousands of feet above the Aegean.'


1. pertaining to the Aegean Sea or Islands.

2. pertaining to or denoting the prehistoric civilization that preceded the historic Hellenic period and flourished on the various islands and nearby regions of the Aegean Sea, as at Crete and Argolis. noun

3. the. Aegean Sea.

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(Aegean)Early 17th century: via Latin from Greek Aigaios + -ean.