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Of or involving adultery.
  1. 'He was the result of an adulterous wartime affair.'
  2. 'His tie to her will last longer than most adulterous liaisons.'
  3. 'They reasoned that after an adulterous three-year affair he was simply trying to do the right thing.'
  4. 'In his short fiction Man-Eating Cats, he describes an adulterous affair not in terms of mere love but as total and complete empathy.'
  5. 'It turns out that Hermanus is an adulterous hotbed of extramarital affairs.'
  6. 'From two monologues we hear many voices describing the lovers' adulterous affair and their plan to kill Kesa's husband.'
  7. 'Perhaps he feared that John might have forced him to give up his adulterous affair with his brother's wife Herodias?'
  8. 'Assume this to be a joke, an illness or a cover for an adulterous affair.'
  9. 'One of the factors that intensifies the excitement and tension of an adulterous affair is the danger of being caught.'
  10. 'And for a man who for so long struggled to find fulfilment in love - even in an adulterous affair - the loss of the illusion might be hard to bear.'


1. characterized by or involved in adultery; illicit: an adulterous relationship.

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"affairs can be adulterous."

"whiles can be adulterous."

"relationships can be adulterous."

"liaisons can be adulterous."

"wives can be adulterous."

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Mid 16th century: from the obsolete noun adulter ‘adulterer’ (see adultery) + -ous.