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A kind of clay used as a building material.
  1. 'Most people live in adobe houses with thatched roofs.'
  2. 'Most notably, the Pueblo Indians in the Southwest used adobe masonry to moderate weather extremes and keep their homes comfortable.'
  3. 'In rural areas of Latin America, adobe houses with thatched roofs are fixtures of the landscape.'
  4. 'It consists of flat-roofed adobe buildings, portions of which are thought to be among the oldest structures in North America.'
  5. 'Most of the homes of poor rural people are made of local materials, with floors of packed earth, walls of adobe or wattle and daub, and roofs of clay tiles or thatch.'
  6. 'The earthen plaster-covered adobe walls are thick enough to include built-in book-shelves, creating a small library alcove behind the kitchen.'
  7. 'Drake led Parker in between two adobe buildings.'
  8. 'Tombstone, an easy day trip from Tucson, does however offer one vision of Arizona's pioneer days: clapboard and adobe buildings, and, of course, re-enacted gunfights.'
  9. 'In mountain villages some houses have adobe walls and thatched roofs.'
  10. 'Derek and I joined this workshop and quickly learned much about the methods and benefits of adobe building.'
  11. 'The former map traces architecture, articulated with sources of building materials, ranging from adobe to varied stones.'
  12. 'If I ever build a house I will use a combination of straw bales and the adobe techniques we learned from Jon Jandai.'
  13. 'He's also introduced straw-clay bricks that can be used like lightweight adobes.'
  14. 'When paint can get into the adobe, then it hardens in there, and it makes it cling better than anything.'
  15. 'By the time we started laying the adobe, it was mid-May and over 100 degrees every day.'
  16. 'Barry and Letty Coleman's Tucson adobe successfully combines traditional building materials and modern design.'
  17. 'The market is strong, with recently built adobes starting at around $180,000.'
  18. 'Carol Decker puts a finger to her lips and looks beyond the adobe ruins to the sprawling expanse of flat brush-covered open ground.'
  19. 'Eastern senators extolled the peace while Senor Villa descended on the tents & adobes of the 13th Cavalry, Columbus, New Mexico'

More definitions

1. sun-dried brick made of clay and straw, in common use in countries having little rainfall.

2. a yellow silt or clay, deposited by rivers, used to make bricks.

3. a building constructed of adobe.

4. a dark, heavy soil, containing clay.

More examples(as adjective)

"walls can be adobe."

"huts can be adobe."

"houses can be adobe."

"buildings can be adobe."


Mid 18th century: from Spanish, from adobar ‘to plaster’, from Arabic aṭ-ṭūb, from al ‘the’ + ṭūb ‘bricks’.