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The administration of a business, organization, etc.
  1. as modifier 'admin staff'
  2. 'At its peak, the firm employed 100 people but now only has two admin staff.'
  3. 'So I'm presently in the midst of a four-day stint of life admin between bouts of travel.'
  4. 'From admin staff to mechanics, Mr Arnold is hoping to find people with a love of the sport.'
  5. 'I don't mind doing all of my database admin from a command line; I just prefer not to.'
  6. 'You see, they've hired a couple of girls there to do admin.'
  7. 'Work is divided into different departments: kitchen, garden, admin, decorating.'
  8. 'Luckily, however, this year the festival admin could look to organisation for inspiration.'
  9. 'Employers can see she's a bright girl so she gets a job doing admin for a shipping company.'
  10. 'Eleven posts are to go from the STV studios, five producer-directors posts and two admin staff.'
  11. 'The existing offices could continue as they are and be used by admin.'

More definitions

1. administration; administrative work.

2. an administrative assistant: My admin will call you back with that information later today.

3. an administrator: government admins. adjective

4. of or relating to an administrator or to administrative functions: You can’t install computer programs without admin privileges.

More examples(as adjective)

"officers can be admin."

"accounts can be admin."


1940s: abbreviation.