Adjective "adhoc" definition and examples

(Adhoc may not be an adjective, but it can be used as an adjective, click here to find out.)


/ad ˈhɒk/

Definitions and examples

adjective & adverb

Created or done for a particular purpose as necessary.
  1. as adverb 'the group was constituted ad hoc'
  2. 'Wireless ad hoc networks are formed by a set of hosts that communicate with each other over a wireless channel.'

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1. for the special purpose or end presently under consideration: a committee formed ad hoc to deal with the issue. adjective

2. concerned or dealing with a specific subject, purpose, or end: The ad hoc committee disbanded after making its final report.

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"t-billses can be adhoc."

"bases can be adhoc."

"panels can be adhoc."

"groups can be adhoc."

"bills can be adhoc."

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(ad hoc)Latin, literally ‘to this’.