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(of a muscle) move (a limb or other part of the body) towards the midline of the body or towards another part.
  1. 'A recent consensus document suggests that the arm should not be extended behind the back or adducted in an extreme position for a substantial amount of time.'
  2. 'Two possible effective responses would have been to flex the knee on the side of the higher foot, or to have adducted one leg and abducted the other.'
  3. 'Then, isometrically contract the pectoral muscle, attempting to adduct the arm.'


The product of an addition reaction between two compounds.
  1. 'Under these irradiation conditions, another major class of oxidative damage occurs, namely the formation of covalent protein-DNA adducts.'
  2. 'Rodents eating unfried pancakes had only one-tenth that concentration of acrylamide adducts.'
  3. 'It has been known for some time that smoking can give rise to acrylamide in human red cells that forms adducts with haemoglobin.'

More definitions

1. Physiology. to move or draw toward the axis of the body or one of its parts (opposed to abduct). noun

2. Also called addition compound. Chemistry. a combination of two or more independently stable compounds by means of van der Waals' forces, coordinate bonds, or covalent bonds.Compare clathrate (def 2), inclusion complex.

More examples(as adjective)

"levels can be adduct."


1940s: from German Addukt (blend of Addition and Produkt).