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Added, extra, or supplementary to what is already present or available.
  1. 'Calne Town Council is now looking for additional land to be used for allotments in the south of town.'
  2. 'The company has been paying my accommodation costs and my additional travel expenses.'
  3. 'They call for an additional million health workers to be trained in the next decade.'
  4. 'If there are things we feel we can do to enhance his capabilities by additional support we'd look at it.'
  5. 'He underwent additional training and spent five months clearing mines in the desert.'
  6. 'This product is available only through brokers, so there may be an additional broker fee.'
  7. 'The additional lorries would lead to more accidents and people being killed or disabled.'
  8. 'It will look at ways of spending the additional cash which could include funding an extra warden.'
  9. 'She said the letter had caused her additional hurt and distress at a very difficult time.'
  10. 'So there would be no additional burden at all on taxpayers as a result of that change.'

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1. added; more; supplementary: additional information.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be additional in places."

"cargoes can be additional to programmes."

"formulae can be additional to activities."

"types can be additional to types."

"tenders can be additional to cargoes."

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