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Gather together or acquire an increasing number or quantity of.
  1. 'Doctors are still working as scientists though, since placebos have accumulated enough evidence to be accepted as scientifically valid.'
  2. 'Continuing for two years, he accumulated enough money to return to medical school.'
  3. 'Now I have accumulated enough experience to direct any adaptation or sequel.'
  4. 'After accumulating enough data, we calculated that each person spent at least a full minute in a stall.'
  5. 'But, after a considerable amount of said hanging about, Humphries accumulated enough material to write a book.'
  6. 'With dollar liquidity flooding the global financial system, foreign holders are accumulating amazing quantities of U.S. securities.'
  7. 'Everyone on the show has a high income, and most of them have had that high income for long enough to accumulate a good deal of wealth.'
  8. 'Aiming at creating her own brand of dresses, the retail business was a necessary starting point to learn the market and accumulate enough capital.'
  9. 'There is a fact of the matter when the question is global warming, and there is some hope of arriving at a definite answer by accumulating enough evidence.'
  10. 'In time, the growing embryos will accumulate enough mass to ignite and explode out of their cores like baby birds busting out of their eggs.'
  11. 'her goal was to accumulate a huge fortune'
  12. 'Whether, by so doing, he would have accumulated a comparable personal fortune is debatable.'
  13. 'This is all about me baby, and my dream of accumulating a vast fortune by exploiting the stupidity of the reading audience.'
  14. 'In the U.S., auto companies have been enjoying record profits and have accumulated huge cash hoards.'
  15. 'And so as any mindful woman might in this accommodating world, I was able to accumulate a fortune.'
  16. 'He knew that over the years he had accumulated a huge chunk of enemies.'
  17. 'But during the downpours last November, the mound only succeeded in accumulating a huge expanse of water which had run off from saturated fields nearby.'
  18. 'The Firm was said to have accumulated huge profits over years of illegal activity.'
  19. 'Promoters, in their efforts to accumulate huge profits, are planning larger and larger events and it is time to put some serious controls on what is going on.'
  20. 'In the company's travel and tourism division, for instance, this has resulted in employees accumulating an overtime backlog of more than 100 hours.'
  21. 'Gaidarski said that prosecutors should investigate how hospitals managed to accumulate such huge debts.'
  22. 'We need to rent a small van for the weekend of January 20 so we can nip up to London and fetch down the stuff that's accumulated in the flat over the past year.'
  23. 'Toxins accumulate faster, and viruses and bacteria grow more quickly, in a body that is not adequately warmed.'
  24. 'When the rate of absorption exceeds the rate of elimination, toxins accumulate in the body.'
  25. 'Fluid in the lymph vessels can become sluggish, which can cause toxins to accumulate.'
  26. 'As a result they accumulate in the tissues of living beings such as fish, meat and in turn to the dairy products.'
  27. 'Avoid king mackerel, which accumulates more toxins, including mercury, than other mackerel species because of its size.'
  28. 'Fluid accumulates, pressure builds in the ears, and infection may set in.'
  29. 'The stoppage has resulted in garbage accumulating on the main thoroughfares and streets of Lyari.'
  30. 'The toxin had accumulated in the anchovies and sardines upon which the animals were feeding.'
  31. 'If inhaled continuously these toxins accumulate in the body leading to serious health problems.'

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1. to gather or collect, often in gradual degrees; heap up: to accumulate wealth. verb (used without object), accumulated, accumulating.

2. to gather into a heap, mass, cover, etc.; form a steadily increasing quantity: Snow accumulated in the driveway. His debts kept on accumulating.

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"people can be accumulate."

"institutions can be accumulate."

"dividends can be accumulate."


Late 15th century: from Latin accumulat- ‘heaped up’, from the verb accumulare, from ad- ‘to’ + cumulus ‘a heap’.