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A musical instrument played by stretching and squeezing with the hands to work a central bellows that blows air over metal reeds, the melody and chords being sounded by buttons or keys.
  1. as modifier 'an accordion player'
  2. 'By mixing unashamed rock with Mexican music and throwing in accordions and honking saxophones, Los Lobos create a sound that endures.'
  3. 'Watching the world go by as you sit on a French-style ‘terrace’, sipping your café au lait, under an endless blue sky - you can almost hear the sound of the accordions playing.'
  4. 'The most impressive moment is the vaudeville-esque outro, fleshed out with seemingly decaying accordions.'
  5. 'Saxophones, accordions, guitars, clarinets, double-bass, and percussion blend with an extensive electronic array of clicks, hiss, static, and sampled voices.'
  6. 'I'm all sampling strings and accordions, almost to where it brings up visions of a pastoral French landscape.'
  7. 'Next Thursday, the Sultans of Squeeze come to town with their collection of melodions, accordions and concertinas to perform music of all genres, from folk, to waltzes, to blues to rock ‘n’ roll.'
  8. 'Electric guitars, souped up accordions and samples of bagpipe music, the instruments were the only electrifying aspect of the assault to the senses.'
  9. 'A peat fire burns all day and locals sometimes turn up with their bagpipes, accordions or mouth organs!'
  10. 'In his early years he also sold a variety of articles like accordions, concertinas and mouth-organs, costume accessories and straw hat polish - anything indeed which would turn an honest penny.'
  11. 'In the past, the band's predilection for exotic instrumentation would sometimes result in stray accordions or sleigh bells getting completely buried in an amorphous mash.'
  12. 'She was nervously folding the fabric of her shirt into accordion folds.'
  13. 'Another format of Japanese books are accordion structures with a few variations.'
  14. 'A white sporting jacket with a thick, accordion collar over a brown sweater and a white sailing shirt.'
  15. 'It looked like it was a single car that had no hood and two trunks, with an accordion design in the middle.'
  16. 'Purchase a plastic accordion folder and create tabs for each of the children you babysit.'
  17. 'Repeated a few times, it has an accordion effect and adds several minutes to the journey.'
  18. 'A recent solo exhibition at Mixed Greens featured two drawings in accordion books.'
  19. 'You might even want to throw in some fancier accordion pleats or other folds to make your shapes come to life.'
  20. 'Use cloth napkins, fold them into accordion pleats and place them in the water glasses.'

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1. Also called piano accordion. a portable wind instrument having a large bellows for forcing air through small metal reeds, a keyboard for the right hand, and buttons for sounding single bass notes or chords for the left hand.

2. a similar instrument having single-note buttons instead of a keyboard. adjective

3. having a fold or folds like the bellows of an accordion: accordion roof; accordion panel. verb (used without object)

4. (of a door, roof, or other covering) to op

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"roles can be accordion in natures."

"players can be accordion."

"musics can be accordion."

"bands can be accordion."

"operations can be accordion."

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Mid 19th century: from German Akkordion, from Italian accordare ‘to tune’.