Adjective "accordingly" definition and examples

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In a way that is appropriate to the particular circumstances.
  1. 'If anyone has any interest in keeping Meadowcroft home open, then vote accordingly at the next election.'
  2. 'The more perceptive members of the group will be able to detect there's something wrong and act accordingly.'
  3. 'Certainly, readers will be less interested and editors will act accordingly.'
  4. 'It's up to us to separate the nonsense from the sense and act accordingly.'
  5. 'Small wonder young people see violence as a normal part of life and act accordingly.'
  6. 'To avoid more slippage in regard to the time schedule, we would like to urge you to act accordingly.'
  7. 'We found that once properties were priced accordingly for their market, they sold very well.'
  8. 'The next step is determining the severity of the disaster and responding accordingly.'
  9. 'They will act accordingly, not wanting to damage their chances of an exclusive in the future.'
  10. 'It's a different culture these days and everyone has to be aware, minimise risks and adapt accordingly.'
As a result; therefore.
  1. 'The tenant for life of settled land holds the legal estate and accordingly has the right to occupy the property.'
  2. 'The rules of land law were accordingly altered in order to facilitate this process.'
  3. 'She is a fascinating character, has learned from her experiences and accordingly lives life to the full.'
  4. 'So, well done to Gary who ended the month with a massive lead and is accordingly crowned Bloghunt Champion.'

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1. therefore; so; in due course.

2. in accordance; correspondingly.