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As stated by or in.
  1. 'Savings running to millions of pounds need to be made, according to an alarming accountancy report.'
  2. 'Cash-strapped schools are going to have to scrimp and save for the next two years, according to a report.'
  3. 'The comments are published on the Danish army website, according to Reuters news agency.'
  4. 'This reticence, according to another fashion expert, is partly reverse snobbery.'
  5. 'And, according to experts in the field, it is as near to potato perfection as possible.'
  6. 'Councils should leave tourism to the experts, according to an economic development boss.'
  7. 'Demand for such schemes is great, and waiting lists can be up to six months, according to some local experts.'
  8. 'Workers in Greater Manchester are the most honest in the country, according to a new report out today.'
  9. 'British men have overtaken women in the fashion stakes, according to a report published today.'
  10. 'Sickness levels at Burnley Council need to be tackled more rigorously, according to a new report.'
  11. 'cook the rice according to the instructions'
  12. 'We can thus make no excuses for the text; it has come out according to plan.'
  13. 'Even with the best will in the world, however, not all mentoring programmes work according to plan.'
  14. 'Things did not go quite according to plan for England at Trent Bridge yesterday.'
  15. 'So if things are not quite according to plan you pick them up extremely quickly.'
  16. 'Cook the pasta in a large pan of boiling, salted water according to packet instructions.'
  17. 'Heat a small haggis according to the butcher's instructions, then scoop some onto a crouton.'
  18. 'It was according to his precise instructions that we laid our three pots.'
  19. 'Attempting to put the disaster of the day behind me and enjoy the evening didn't go quite according to plan.'
  20. 'These will be bought by patrons and the chefs will cook it according to specifications.'
  21. 'Cook the bucatini for nine minutes, or according to the instructions on the packet.'
  22. 'The proportion of connective tissue varies according to the position of the meat in the animal's body.'
  23. 'We examined clinicians' communication according to how patients experienced it.'
  24. 'It is allowed to select a proportion of its pupils according to aptitude.'
  25. 'The authors have divided the woods into five groups according to their relationship to extant plants.'
  26. 'The degree of distress experienced varies according to what people expect.'
  27. 'The good thing about this grant is that it is not dispensed according to financial means.'
  28. 'In skiing points are awarded according to a complicated system based on time rather than placing.'
  29. 'In fact, you can vary your proportions according to how much risk you're happy with.'
  30. 'Some of you may know what this means and will now be experiencing surges of joy or hate, according to preference.'
  31. 'In reality the involvement of such bodies varied according to their experience and expertise.'
Depending on whether.
  1. 'The most common varieties are even vibration and damped vibration, according as the amplitude remains constant or it is decreasing exponentially.'
  2. 'There have indeed been a variety of bundle theories, differing according as the bundles' constituents and/or structures were different.'
  3. 'These points are concrete objects, being either coloured or tangible, according as they are susceptible to sight or touch.'
  4. 'The capitalized value of the same stream of payments will be higher or lower, according as the rate of interest is lower or higher.'

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1. agreeing: according voices raised in censure.

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"datas can be according."

"sources can be according."

"alls can be according."

"everythings can be according."

"statistics can be according."

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