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Spoken with or characterized by a particular accent.
  1. 'There are some characters in the movie who speak with heavy Jamaican accents or in heavily accented slang that I found hard to understand at times.'
  2. 'Her voice was accented, but she spoke the common tongue well enough.'
  3. 'I lifted my head, surprised to hear someone speak English to me, even though it was heavily accented.'
  4. 'If the clerk at the Swiss bank was surprised to answer the phone to a gruff, Middle Eastern sounding man speaking in heavily accented English, she did not show it.'
  5. '‘Very… special… sausage,’ he says in deliberate, broken, heavily accented English.'
  6. '‘Yes,’ Orhan answered in his richly accented English.'
  7. 'A lilting, deeply accented voice spoke quietly, yet it cut right through the buzz of conversation around them.'
  8. 'He put a basket of warm breadsticks on the table, and he began to speak in a heavily accented voice.'
  9. 'His English was heavily accented and not easy to understand, but still we spent the most wonderful hour discussing his work.'
  10. '‘Please be good,’ the teacher begs in accented English.'
(of a word, syllable, or musical note or chord) stressed or emphasized.
  1. 'They have traditionally attempted to respect the text's accentuation by matching accented syllables to accented beats in the music, thus highlighting both rhythm and sense, often to the benefit of both words and music.'
  2. 'He also pays attention to the number of accented words in the original line and tends to preserve the same number in his translation.'
  3. 'Specifically, tone is a pitch contour that begins on an accented SYLLABLE and continues to the end of a tone group: that is, up to but not including the next stressed syllable.'
  4. 'But the most dramatic departure is found in the final line, which contains two dactyls and a single accented syllable which we have to regard as the initial syllable of a third dactylic foot.'
  5. 'My favorite part is the discussion, scattered throughout the work, of the interaction of lexical, morphological and phrasal factors in determining which syllables are accented.'
  6. 'The last four words were accented, giving them a terrible ring.'
  7. 'It's not just the final syllable of the word that must rhyme, but everything from the final syllable back to the final accented syllable.'
  8. 'I mean, the guy was clever enough to insert an accented letter ‘a’ into the word ‘loan’ so no Spam filter would flag it.'


1. prominence of a syllable in terms of differential loudness, or of pitch, or length, or of a combination of these.

2. degree of prominence of a syllable within a word and sometimes of a word within a phrase: primary accent; secondary accent.

3. a mark indicating stress (as (·, ·), or (ˈ, ˌ), or (′, ″)), vowel quality (as French grave `,acute ´,circumflex ^, ), form (as French la “the” versus là “there”), or pitch.

4. any similar mark.

5. Prosody. regularly recurring stress. a mark

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