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Relating to education and scholarship.
  1. 'he had no academic qualifications'
  2. 'This was the case that upheld a Washington law that gave academic scholarships to qualified students, but forbid them from using them to study theology.'
  3. 'Some disabilities, such as severe autism, can profoundly limit the academic achievement of students.'
  4. 'On the other hand, they could be very selective admitting only those of the highest academic qualifications and achievements.'
  5. 'All of these factors contribute significantly to their high dropout rates and poor academic achievement.'
  6. 'They also analyzed the long-term academic achievement of these students.'
  7. 'All parents care deeply about their children's education and academic progress.'
  8. 'The length of time in a two-way bilingual program is positively correlated with student academic achievement.'
  9. 'Sander looked at the impact of Catholic grade school education on academic achievement.'
  10. 'His education was paid by a full academic scholarship from some charitable foundation; her education was paid by her parents.'
  11. 'Burrell received a 2004 Jazz Educator of the Year award from Down Beat magazine for academic achievement and excellence in jazz education.'
  12. 'It was an important milestone in my own disillusionment with what often passed for ‘liberalism’ in some academic environments.'
  13. 'The future of strategic studies in terms of academic organization will be tested in a number of respects.'
  14. 'It also has a job bank and links to the growing number of academic institutions with educational tracks that support the meeting profession.'
  15. 'The author reviews the problems that have plagued history in the academic environment to dispel the popular belief that history is the same thing as the past.'
  16. 'Pressures within the academic environment itself may subtly push professors toward viewing their students as would-be clones of themselves.'
  17. 'Educational leave refers to the practice of a company allowing its employees to suspend their work to study in an academic institution with the intention of earning a degree.'
  18. 'When it came to the academic environment, I was a natural.'
  19. 'In the academic environment, student retention and retention of alumni loyalty are important strategic goals.'
  20. 'The word communication is debated in today's academic environments.'
  21. 'This type of intervention does work in helping students meet short-term academic goals in the educational setting.'
  22. '‘In the majority of cases, the moderators tend to come from the academic environment or the wealthier churches,’ he said.'
  23. 'Accounting historians as a whole have yet to appreciate the important contextual differences now seen in the U.S. academic environment.'
  24. 'Moving away from the academic environment was a shrewd move for Stoneham, who has trebled the amount of business she used to do at Oxford University.'
  25. 'a very academic school aiming to get pupils into Oxford or Cambridge'
  26. 'A variety of academic courses in foreign-area studies could precede or follow such summer programs.'
  27. 'You receive a grade on your transcript for your internship course, just as you do for your academic courses.'
  28. 'The Education Secretary, Charles Clarke, has questioned public funding of purely academic courses.'
  29. 'But in the hothouse environment of academic science the flawed theory has been allowed to survive.'
  30. 'However a debate has simmered for years as to whether journalism has improved with the welter of academic courses which produce hundreds of graduates each year.'
  31. 'Student farm managers report that academic integration - linking farm work directly to academic courses - can also be a challenge.'
  32. 'The bursary received will afford the elite sports person the opportunity to compete at the highest level while pursuing a course of academic study at the Institute.'
  33. 'The emphasis on completing secondary school (high school) includes academic and religious studies.'
  34. 'Wigan and Leigh College offers an industry-led academic course in fashion technology that provides the foundation for a range of careers in the industry.'
  35. 'Flooding academic courses with under-prepared students may have had the net effect of driving the rigor out of these courses.'
  36. 'Thurschwell writes with an academic audience in mind, but this book can be enjoyed by any serious reader interested in the cultural history of the late nineteenth century.'
  37. 'At the moment, we attract a very intellectual, academic audience and we want to make it a cultural centre which will welcome family groups.'
  38. 'I lived apart from the happy, academic families.'
  39. 'P.S. This is an interesting read, but irritating when the academic writer makes patronising attempts to cater to an ‘ordinary’ audience.'
  40. 'It is interesting to see how academic writers ‘anonymously’ describe themselves and their works.'
  41. 'This is what passes for humor in an academic family.'
  42. 'Perhaps it's difficult being academic in a non-academic environment.'
  43. 'Unlike most current academic thinkers, they believe the market is neither unpredictable nor random, that patterns lie buried in the mass of data that daily gushes forth.'
  44. 'Unlike the vast majority of academic thinkers, Zizek is not worried about being ‘careless.’'
  45. 'Because Sue wasn't academic, I did begin to worry about her, but once she went to Eastbourne College to study domestic science, her life changed completely.'
  46. 'academic painting'
  47. 'The search for art created beyond the reach of academic officialdom began with the discovery of Henri Rousseau by Picasso's circle in early twentieth century France.'
  48. 'The point is that if one wants to find what sets Gainsborough apart from his contemporaries, even the academic Reynolds, it is best to look beyond iconological content.'
  49. 'They eventually rejected their teachers' conventional ideas and academic art, yet spent years assiduously copying and assimilating the Old Masters.'
  50. 'Like impressionism, art nouveau was an International revolt against the traditional academic art style.'
  51. 'However, in 1904 academic painting still dominated state-sponsored salons, and a world's fair art exhibition was inherently nationalistic.'
  52. 'As a result, modernism seems to germinate - naturally and inescapably - in the damp, sweetly rotten soil of academic art.'
  53. 'In Gerome's quasi-photographic version of academic painting, tone came first.'
Not of practical relevance; of only theoretical interest.
  1. 'This is something that is of more academic than practical interest.'
  2. 'Parliament chiefs insist the figure is purely academic and was calculated because of the need to estimate a replacement value for all government buildings.'
  3. 'These are questions of more than academic interest.'
  4. 'Polygamy may seem an exotic topic, but it is not just of historical or academic interest.'
  5. 'That finding may be of more than academic interest.'
  6. 'The final game against Castlebar Mitchells was of academic interest only as Ballyhaunis could not make the play-offs.'
  7. '‘I think my interest in hurricanes was academic until Andrew,’ Landsea said.'
  8. 'The fact that he cannot speak or hear is just a matter of academic interest.'
  9. 'A loss against India will mean the champions are out of the championship and their final league match against Bangladesh will be only of academic interest.'
  10. 'The US debate over offshoring of high skilled jobs is of more than academic interest to New Zealand.'


A teacher or scholar in a university or other institute of higher education.
  1. 'Everyone can benefit from the most respected academics and the best tutors.'
  2. 'Many of the appointees have been academics rather than professional lawyers.'
  3. 'The last two books on offer are both compendiums of articles by different academics.'
  4. 'An insightful and intelligent collection of resources for academics and students.'
  5. 'It became a bestseller on the shelves of students, academics and workers throughout the land.'
  6. 'Inside Out showed anonymous copies of some of the student essays to academics.'
  7. 'The Liberal Democrats have been targeting students and academics on campus.'
  8. 'The book will be most suitable for research students, postdocs and academics.'
  9. 'Up to four different lectures were held each day by academics such as Professor Anthony Grayling.'
  10. 'However, it is doubtful that such a move would be well-received by students and academics.'


1. of or relating to a college, academy, school, or other educational institution, especially one for higher education: academic requirements.

2. pertaining to areas of study that are not primarily vocational or applied, as the humanities or pure mathematics.

3. theoretical or hypothetical; not practical, realistic, or directly useful: an academic question; an academic discussion of a matter already decided.

4. learned or scholarly but lacking in worldliness, common sense, or

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"dates can be academic in things."

"stages can be academic for clubs."

"researchs can be academic to works."

"points can be academic for parties."

"plans can be academic in lights."

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Mid 16th century: from French académique or medieval Latin academicus, from academia (see academy).