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Filled with a continuous humming sound.
  1. figurative 'the city was abuzz with rumours'
  2. 'The Scottsville Race Course was abuzz with excitement as thousands of runners struggled to beat the gun.'
  3. 'Friday and the show hadn't started, yet the centre was abuzz.'
  4. 'The grumblings stopped, and soon, the city was abuzz with excitement.'
  5. 'It's very exciting, the place is abuzz for those few days.'
  6. 'The 50 stalls set up at the fair are abuzz with nervous activity.'
  7. 'The township stayed abuzz after the game as Chiefs' supporters sounded their car hooters in celebration of their team's victory.'
  8. 'The regional Centre for Arts and Culture was abuzz with artistic activity.'
  9. 'By game day, last Saturday, the town was abuzz with honest excitement.'
  10. 'The Library has been abuzz with a lot of activities of late.'
  11. 'Leading Australians jumped on the bandwagon as the Santa ban spread, with radio talk-back shows abuzz with festive fury.'


1. buzzing.

2. full of or alive with activity, talk, etc.: The company was abuzz with rumors about the new owner.

More examples(as adjective)

"markets can be abuzz with talks."

"markets can be abuzz with speculations."

"markets can be abuzz in weeks."

"valleys can be abuzz with speculations."

"traders can be abuzz over signs."

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