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  1. 'In a more recent portion of his autobiography, Rexroth reports that he and his first wife, Andree, also a painter, carried on correspondence with Theo van Doesberg, Moholy-Nagy, and other European post-Cubist abstractionists.'
  2. 'In this, his first solo exhibition in nine years, the distinguished abstractionist has chosen to sacrifice a body of images sanctified by popularity, and to risk the incomprehension and even irritation of his viewers.'
  3. 'Conceptual abstractionists like ADS Donaldson may have all the theory in the world to underwrite their practice but, to be blunt, so what?'
  4. 'When he painted this work, Hilton had not yet settled in Cornwall, where he was to become a key figure in the amorphous and influential St Ives school of abstractionists.'
  5. 'Forty-something Innes is renowned as an ascetic abstractionist, his cool squares now a distinctive presence in the history of Scottish art.'
  6. 'Yet, contrary to popular belief, Brancusi never became an abstractionist: though his forms became more and more simplified with time, they continued to resemble the subjects they represented.'
  7. 'Covered with eye images and other biomorphic motifs (that frequently recall eccentric abstractionists such as Myron Stout and Nicholas Krushenick), these unreal botanical specimens exhibit a delightful variety.'
  8. 'The play of light and shadow, color and shape on the canvas - for a century the province of nonobjective abstractionists - now has come full circle, as contemporary landscape artists have turned their attention to abstraction.'
  9. 'So might this hypnotic, janglingly joyous painting, which at once distances itself from the astringent purism of New York's anti-nature abstractionists and predicts the way ahead, be a case of the pupil prophesying the master?'
  10. 'The term ‘mandarin’ was intended to diminish what had set Guston apart as an abstractionist.'

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1. a person who produces abstract works of art. adjective

2. showing abstract characteristics in art; tending toward abstractionism.

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"tendencies can be abstractionist."