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Intensely interesting; engrossing.
  1. 'Robert Ross has written an absorbing and interesting book that should stimulate more research on culture and representation in South African history.'
  2. 'Even standing on the touchline was a hazardous occupation as these two old rivals laid on an exciting and absorbing encounter played in the teeth of a gale blowing straight across Stacks Field.'
  3. 'Quickly and mercifully, the initial apprehension disappears as the book turns into an intense and absorbing read.'
  4. 'Reidy was relieved at finally recording a win over his tormentors, but less than happy with the seven kicks at goal his team missed over an absorbing seven-try thriller.'
  5. 'The most obvious reason, I imagine, is that the more we learn of our distant relatives, the more we learn about ourselves - a subject that is, naturally, of absorbing interest.'
  6. 'What lent interest and made it absorbing was the competitive edge between the two parties, and the skill they displayed.'
  7. 'Deadwood combines fascinating character studies with intelligent writing and an absorbing plot.'
  8. 'Intimate cinematography and the drama of events unfolding makes for intense, absorbing viewing.'
  9. 'The result is big enough to be absorbing, but small enough to be manageable.'
  10. 'This is an absorbing and often intense novel, which can be appreciated both by those with little knowledge of James, and by James experts who should relish the allusions to his fiction.'


1. extremely interesting; deeply engrossing: an absorbing drama.

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"books can be absorbing."

"amounts can be absorbing."

"hobbies can be absorbing."

"interests can be absorbing."

"tasks can be absorbing."

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