Adjective "absentee" definition and examples

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A person who is expected or required to be present at a place or event but is not.
  1. as modifier 'absentee pupils'
  2. 'There were not high numbers of absentees at the school but the bugs seemed to be striking the same people, especially staff, she said.'
  3. 'The national target was a 10 per cent drop in the levels of absentees.'
  4. 'He believes that most of the absentees were excused.'
  5. 'Support of the majority of all MEPs is required to make changes, including absentees.'
  6. 'She received her usual score or more of cards from relatives and friends, and there were the usual absentees - their cards would arrive a day or two later.'
  7. 'The vote was 96-2, and the two absentees regrettably were Kerry and Edwards.'
  8. 'A biting wind and swirling snow kept attendance low and meant that the absentees missed an evening of sparkling music from the Duke Ellington Orchestra.'
  9. 'Under the new contracts for teachers, they will be entitled to time away from pupils while support staff take on tasks such as collecting dinner money and chasing absentees.'
  10. 'There were also four Conservative absentees and one Labour.'
  11. 'Many were absentees living comfortably in the south.'

More definitions

1. a person who is absent, especially from work or school.

2. a person who absents himself or herself, as a landowner who does not live on certain property owned or a voter who is permitted to cast a ballot by mail.

More examples(as adjective)

"presidents can be absentee."