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Not present in a place, at an occasion, or as part of something.
  1. 'absent colleagues'
  2. 'It is hoped the latest clampdown will be particularly effective in tackling pupils who travel out of their own districts when absent from school.'
  3. 'Noticeably absent from the Havana conference were trade union representatives from the USA and Canada.'
  4. 'While there are 50 or more volunteers already, more are needed to replace those who may have to be absent from time to time.'
  5. 'The director of strategy and development was to have been disciplined over the matter but was absent from work through sickness and later resigned.'
  6. 'The meeting will continue today because six of the committee's members were absent from Tuesday's session.'
  7. 'Here is a government made up largely of men who have spent huge periods of time almost completely absent from their children's lives.'
  8. 'These powerful processes are absent from the European Commission.'
  9. 'You don't have to agree with any of their viewpoints to realise that it is unhealthy for democracy to have such voices absent from the House of Commons.'
  10. 'Kids being kids, they asked if they could have chips, but the ubiquitous fried potato was absent from this particular hostelry.'
  11. 'Shouldn't we be working on getting in touch with this technology so that we can keep track of children and young people who are absent from school?'
(of an expression or manner) showing that someone is not paying attention to what is being said or done.
  1. 'She just looked at him, curious as to why his absent expression was now missing, replaced by a foolish something.'
  2. 'His face wore an absent expression, as of deep thought, and I became afraid that if his eyes did light upon me he would nevertheless not see me.'
  3. 'There's a few absent smiles and drumming of fingers on shopping trolleys, we're all gearing up for the big chorus.'
  4. 'She raised her head in an absent manner, and eyed the leering man with clouded eyes.'
  5. 'At others her expression and demeanour almost seem absent, detached, as if beyond the music.'
  6. 'Verity gave her a small and rather absent smile as she hunted around the kitchen, searching the space near the kettle and the shelves by the window.'
  7. 'Janine walks by with an absent smile on her face and a clump of the man's hair in her fist.'


Go away or remain away.
  1. 'Unfortunately, since volunteering means absenting oneself from employment, not everyone can afford the experience.'
  2. 'The fact that his wife worked on the fields meant that Bandia could absent himself every once in a while to conduct his commercial activities.'
  3. 'He said: ‘I shall be absenting myself from work without authority to stand outside the Mansion House.’'
  4. 'He called on the Government to act without delay on the Tribunals and he appealed to the big business interests of the country to stick by their country and not to choose to legally absent themselves from the Irish tax jurisdiction.'
  5. 'Your mother was taking her mother shopping today, and I should have gone to help out with mother-management, but I absented myself.'
  6. 'Judges frequently absented themselves from court cases to avoid sentencing members of armed opposition groups or remanding them in police custody.'
  7. 'He absented himself from council meetings, got into debt, and sold off his wife's inheritance.'
  8. 'My wife was not at that meeting, and she specifically absented herself from that meeting, so as to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.'
  9. 'Your coverage of the decision by Labour councillors to absent themselves from much of the last local council meeting failed to stress the constitutional implications of this blunder.'
  10. 'What was at issue was the fact that the youngsters ought to have been in school, and had not been given any permission to absent themselves.'


  1. 'Japan's price level could well have fallen even more absent the monetary ease.'
  2. 'However, absent a working alternative, there is no substitute for civil justice.'
  3. 'Yet, this is indeed possible absent a willingness to read critically and teach students to do likewise.'
  4. 'It may seem silly, but absent an instruction sheet, how was he to know?'
  5. 'But, absent a change in the course of this election, he's on his way to another four years.'
  6. 'This suggests that Japan's stagnation will continue absent a drastic shock to the system.'
  7. 'Neither has any base in the city or standing anywhere else absent their connection to him.'
  8. 'Again, absent the use of a gun, knife or poison, jurors rarely accepted arguments for murderous intent.'
  9. 'But that day isn't going to be now, or any time in the next ten years, absent a major breakthrough.'
  10. 'And absent that, the public can make its own choice to buy it or pass on it.'


1. not in a certain place at a given time; away, missing (opposed to present): absent from class.

2. lacking; nonexistent: Revenge is absent from his mind.

3. not attentive; preoccupied; absent-minded: an absent look on his face. verb (used with object)

4. to take or keep (oneself) away: to absent oneself from a meeting. preposition

5. in the absence of; without: Absent some catastrophe, stock-market prices should soon improve.

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"banks can be absent from markets."

"places can be absent from markets."

"buyers can be absent from markets."

"investors can be absent from markets."

"people can be absent with problems."

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Middle English: via Old French from Latin absens, absent- ‘being absent’, present participle of abesse, from ab- ‘from, away’ + esse ‘to be’.