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In extended space over and not touching.
  1. 'a cable runs above the duct'
  2. 'The space above the outstretched hand began to glow, shimmering in the darkness.'
  3. 'A false ceiling had been inserted and the space above it left unused.'
  4. 'A spectacular firework display is being staged above Lancaster Castle on November 8.'
  5. 'Nervously, I then checked the space above the rear passenger doors.'
  6. 'So up a wooden ladder into the crawl space above the church sanctuary, Billy Gaines went.'
  7. 'More than 100 fireworks a minute were fired off, with bursts more than 1,000 ft above the town.'
  8. 'Travel millions of miles to space above the remarkable contours of Venus and Mars.'
  9. 'Fireworks lit the sky above them, Jonathan leaned back and Ava lay with her head on his stomach.'
  10. 'He saw it, with a shock, much closer than expected, in the air space above the valley floor.'
  11. 'Michael Alstad's videos reveal urban spaces that are above or below the passenger's sightlines.'
  12. 'Holding your left arm steady, raise your right arm above your head.'
  13. 'Jimmy Saville, in trademark shell suit, made his entrance through the audience like a boxer, arms above his head.'
  14. 'He stretched his arms high above his head and began to walk to his bedroom.'
  15. 'Akane was sitting on her knees, her arms outstretched above her head in a wake-up stretch.'
  16. 'Keep in mind that abdominal muscle force increases as the arms are extended further above the head.'
  17. 'Today he cannot raise his arms above his head because his shoulders were dislocated so many times.'
  18. 'Remembering to keep your body straight, head erect, arms straight and to the sides or above the head, is really quite difficult.'
  19. 'Additional padding has been fitted each side of and above the driver's legs to minimize the risk of leg injury.'
  20. 'Faon leaned back on the couch, yawning and stretching his arms above his head.'
  21. 'Inhale, lift your arms above you, and turn your left knee outward to open your hip.'
  22. 'in the hills above the capital'
  23. 'The reception hall is very bright thanks to glass panels above and to the side of the front door.'
  24. 'Looters hit a police station in Petionville, an upscale suburb in the hills above the capital.'
  25. 'Crews have also been patrolling the hills above the Trans-Canada Highway, said McHale.'
  26. 'I got in the car and we drove back to the house on the hill above the store.'
  27. 'On the hill above Adamstown, Steve Christian could be heard last week blasting breadfruit out of the tall trees with his shotgun.'
  28. 'Lighting installed above or at both sides of the front door are good options.'
  29. 'It will see a scientific centre of excellence created at the museum, which stands on the former airfield on the hills above Wroughton.'
  30. 'I had been in a bad mood; then I saw this from the hills above Delphi.'
  31. 'Family mementos and photographs were carefully spaced along the mantelpiece above a gas fireplace.'
  32. 'Up the other side, above masses of jungle, rose a rocky, desolate mountain.'
At a higher level or layer than.
  1. 'bruises above both eyes'
  2. 'The space above the domed entrance is open, with four sides of offices, making up four floors.'
  3. 'The paper gives most of the space above the fold to a five-column colour photo of a Lions Club wine tasting.'
  4. 'In the grounds, there is also a stone studio or billiard room as well as stables with office space above.'
  5. 'Many of the restaurants provide accommodation as well as a delicious menu, be it a cosy space above a local pub or large, opulent guest rooms.'
  6. 'At the rear of the building, there is a very significant fracture about 10 mm above the side door of the garage.'
  7. 'The Limerick side have a game in hand over Bective Rangers, one of three sides above them.'
  8. 'If the shrub is still too tall, cut back the stems to just above a strong side shoot.'
  9. 'After all, the Pittodrie club finished last season in second bottom spot, with the Ayrshire side one place above them.'
  10. 'For those who know, or have known, Dave Early, I was impressed to see his credit is on its own line, with space above and below.'
  11. 'The temporal lobes of the brain lie at the sides of the head above the ears.'
  12. 'But if the injuries clear, I expect Aberdeen to put pressure on the sides above them.'
  13. 'I swiftly came to the conclusion that anything above a fail grade would be a triumph.'
  14. 'Many members just above the lowest grades are still on low pay and they have been offered nothing extra.'
  15. 'That score ranks the school above every other in Greater Manchester and as the 14th highest in the country.'
  16. 'As they are two leagues above the local side it was, as it turned out, a fair and very entertaining game.'
  17. 'We are once again taking on a side from the division above us so we have a point to prove.'
  18. 'His research shows that two-thirds of policewomen above the rank of constable do not have children.'
  19. 'There is just one female lieutenant - colonel in the army and no women in any of the four ranks above that post.'
  20. 'Kelvin Hall saw an eight per cent rise in the number of children who gained five GCSEs above grade C.'
  21. 'He is now a senior whip and is ranked seven places above the finance spokesperson.'
  22. 'We work together on a couple of projects and I rank above her, but I am not her boss.'
  23. 'Both companies have had their bond ratings reduced to one step above junk status.'
  24. 'Allah, the omni-powerful is above all power and shall repel the schemes of the unjust.'
  25. 'Why should a Garda have a certain status above the layperson?'
  26. 'The First Minister took the opportunity to declare his new status: he is now above politics.'
  27. 'Not only that, but the power is above all other principality, power, dominion, or might.'
  28. 'To inherit dominant status a subordinate must outlive all those above her in the queue.'
  29. 'I don't know of any loyal fan who would put making a profit above watching their team in such a huge match.'
  30. 'To place commercial considerations above people's safety makes no sense.'
  31. 'Bradford Cycling Action Group objected to the new version for putting the needs of car drivers above those of cyclists.'
  32. 'At the same time, if they are conciliatory in China, they are seen back at home as putting profit above principle.'
  33. 'His work at Balco testifies to a character that placed profit above honesty and too easily chose wealth over morality.'
  34. 'We want the government to set the price of goods and guarantee a minimum wage so as not to put profits above the needs of the people.'
  35. 'What will happen if we feminise men so as to place safety above adventure, exploration and protection of the tribe?'
  36. 'The companies must ensure that they do not put production and profit above the safety of human lives.'
  37. 'Agreement with an elder, boss, or anyone of higher status is valued above directness.'
  38. 'Will they put human health and the environment above chemical industry profits?'
  39. 'he seldom spoke above a whisper'
  40. 'But meanwhile the Captain had made his commands heard above the din and confusion.'
  41. 'I lay down on the bed, a thin mattress covered by state white sheets, and whispered above the din.'
  42. 'They were still working on a new tier of seating during our visit, and our guide had to shout above the din of the drilling and welding.'
  43. 'Imagine my surprise and chagrin when I realised that I could not hear any music above the din of the rattly old Northern Line train.'
  44. 'They were polite and spoke barely above a whisper and never used faults in an animal to force a deal.'
  45. 'In some eating establishments it appears to be a serious crime for your offspring to talk above a whisper or wriggle slightly in their seats.'
  46. 'Mary looked up at her for a moment and spoke, her voice barely above a whisper.'
  47. 'A well loved member of the card playing circuit for many years his hearty laugh could always be heard above any din.'
  48. 'At the sound of it, Kaleroth gasped and spoke in a voice barely above a whisper.'
  49. 'The guy on the other end of the line wouldn't raise his voice above a whisper, which I couldn't make out at all.'
Higher than (a specified amount, rate, or norm)
  1. 'above sea level'
  2. 'Teenage pregnancy rates there have soared above the national average since the project's start.'
  3. 'Will farmers face loss of EU payments or penalties if they have a stocking rate above 0.8 of a cow per acre?'
  4. 'I want Killarney Town Council to go above the minimum standards - we should be leaders in the field.'
  5. 'Sitting in a new car can subject riders to toxic emissions several times above the safety limits.'
  6. 'It was the third poll in the last ten days to find Bush's approval rating at or above 40%.'
  7. 'Pupils at the school achieved GCSE and A-level grades above the national average last year.'
  8. 'People who come from overseas for the match without a ticket are always prepared to fork out well above the going rate.'
  9. 'He said he hopes the company will produce a full quota of sugar and the benefits to both sides will be way above the costs of the dispute.'
  10. 'New Zealand kept the South African scoring rate at just above two runs an over until they took two wickets in the first two overs with the new ball.'
  11. 'You can get a loan that's only slightly above the rate at which the U.S. government borrows.'


At a higher level or layer.
  1. 'I, then, noticed a bright light in the sky above and not too far beyond the mountaintops.'
  2. 'Isolate the plants from the soil with a layer of peat moss above and below.'
  3. 'The light is falling on the sitter almost from the side and slightly above.'
  4. 'A safety diver hovered above and two guys were up top ready to haul me out if anything went awry.'
  5. 'We would redevelop it with a restaurant style pub on the ground floor, flats above and possibly housing in the car park.'
  6. 'Maybe they like feeling small and insignificant when compared to the infinite space above and the ominous desert around them.'
  7. 'Guests ate, drank and partied whilst being entertained by an array of fireworks in the skies above.'
  8. 'an officer of the rank of superintendent or above'
  9. 'Players must be grade 3 standard or above and applications must be received by April 26.'
  10. 'I was concerned that all of my experience had been with children from the fourth grade or above.'
  11. 'Outside the city, the Jazz performs like a car from the class above, making it very relaxing to drive.'
  12. 'boats of 31 ft or above'
  13. 'Low to mid-20s would be a good average for most people with anything above seen as a bonus.'
  14. 'the two cases described above'
  15. as adjective 'at the above address'
  16. 'All of the above come with roasted potatoes, rice or fries, and fresh market vegetables.'
  17. 'As noted above, at common law the trespasser received the least protection of any entrant on the occupier's premises.'
  18. 'According to Vassilev, the new strategy will consider all the above and then be submitted to the Cabinet.'
  19. 'The said proposal was wholly contrary to the agreement or common understanding pleaded above.'
  20. 'As you can see above, the space is a bit tight where the clip connects to the socket.'
  21. 'I went to the fabric store and found the materials described above and now own them.'
  22. 'Of course, he had his own version to the more common sentiment expressed above.'
  23. 'All of these medicines are similar, so many of the above side effects may occur with any of the medicines.'
  24. 'It could be a pub quiz question: what do the above athletes have in common?'
  25. 'I have already outlined the common general knowledge above, but it is now necessary to consider the subject in more detail.'

More definitions

1. in, at, or to a higher place.

2. overhead, upstairs, or in the sky: My brother lives in the apartment above. A flock of birds circled above.

3. higher in rank, authority, or power: She was told to speak to the person above.

4. higher in quantity or number: books with 100 pages and above.

5. before or earlier, especially in a book or other piece of writing; foregoing: the remark quoted above. Compare below (def 6).

6. in or to heaven: gone to her eternal rest above.

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"rates can be above."

"examples can be above."

"levels can be above."

"expectations can be above."

"addresses can be above."

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Old English abufan (as an adverb), from a- ‘on’ + bufan (from bi ‘by’ + ufan ‘above’).


above all (else)
above and beyond
above oneself
above the law
from above
not be above
up above