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Relating to or denoting the side or end that is furthest from the mouth, especially in animals that lack clear upper and lower sides such as echinoderms.
  1. 'The mouth leads to the intestine and anus, which is located in the center of the aboral surface in regular echinoids.'
  2. 'The interambulacrum of Meekechinus contains only three columns of plates, which is more similar than the aboral side of Pronechinus to the interpretation of the interambulacrum of the Brownwood echinocystitid.'
  3. 'When placed on their aboral side in a finger bowl of fresh, ambient temperature sea water, the tube-feet of the sea star are readily accessible.'
  4. 'It is equally clear that the region aboral to the marginal frame is a part of the perforate extraxial body wall (with the possible exception of the centrodorsal, which is likely imperforate extraxial).'
  5. 'Fraction A contained the mesocolic or perirectal tissues around the tumor and 1 cm away in both oral and aboral directions.'


1. opposite to or away from the mouth.

More examples(as adjective)

"waves can be aboral."

"directions can be aboral."