Adjective "Well-done" definition and examples

Definitions and examples


Carried out successfully or satisfactorily.
  1. 'the satisfaction of a job well done'
  2. 'This film is, hands-down, one of the most successful examples of well-done visual effects in cinema ever.'
  3. 'We also know that it is better to acknowledge when work is below one's high standards, rather than letting it sit next to the kind that is well-done and written with integrity.'
  4. 'The story was a little disjointed at first, but as the film went on it started to weave seamlessly together, and although I had figured out how it was going to end, it was so well-done that I didn't care.'
  5. 'He was a conscientious and hard-working man who always liked to see a job well done.'
  6. 'She has never married, knowing even then her intense and frequent high school flirtations were an imitation, a well-done performance, expressing social not biological pressures.'
  7. 'It was very well done, although the fireworks didn't come across all that well on TV.'
(of meat) thoroughly cooked.
  1. 'Now she sat in a small, rather dirty tavern, pretending the meat in front of her was a well-done steak.'
  2. 'All the meats should be well-done after one hour.'
  3. 'I suggest you combine this therapy with a strict diet of milk, well-done steak and more milk for the ultimate in healthy complexions.'
  4. 'I took dinner with Ian while a hungry Ahmad enjoyed his well-done steak earlier.'


Used to express congratulations or approval.
  1. 'I was back up in Northern Ireland and everybody seemed to pat me on the back and say well done.'
  2. 'Congratulations and well done to all who helped to make the evening such a success.'
  3. 'Congratulations and well done to both girls and best of luck to them in the coming season.'
  4. 'This was an excellent result for their first outing so congratulations and well done.'



1. performed accurately and diligently; executed with skill and efficiency.

2. (of meat) thoroughly cooked, especially until all redness is gone.