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(of a person) plump or curvaceous.
  1. 'Yet the whole point of citing Monroe was that she had a well-rounded figure, demonstrating that it's not only OK but sexy to be big in hips or tummy.'
(of a person) having a personality that is fully developed in all aspects.
  1. 'It was important not to concentrate wholly on the academic but to develop well-rounded people, while the academic aspects were also very important.'
  2. 'The women are forced to fill their time pursuing personal interests and taking classes, becoming more well-rounded, interesting women.'
  3. 'Essentially, the Dean was conveying the importance of learning coupled with realizing self worth, both which a person needs to be well-rounded.'
  4. 'Businesses want well-rounded people; people who read newspapers and who are engaged in public issues; people who are aware of the world around them, who see the larger picture and actively engage in it.'
  5. 'For Humboldt, classics offered a general culture, distinct from the useful arts on the one hand, and aristocratic play and dilettantism on the other, to ennoble the soul and develop a well-rounded personality.'
  6. 'And by improving military training programs, sailors will be more well-rounded, professionally and personally.'
  7. 'I think I left camp a much more confident person, a more well-rounded person, even a more peaceful person.'
  8. 'The college principal added: ‘She was just a super, well-rounded individual and a lovely girl, which makes this particularly tragic.’'
(of a phrase or sentence) carefully composed and balanced.



    1. having desirably varied abilities or attainments.

    2. desirably varied: a well-rounded curriculum.

    3. fully developed; well-balanced.

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    "views can be well-rounded in facts."

    "people can be well-rounded."

    "views can be well-rounded."

    "individuals can be well-rounded."

    "bodies can be well-rounded."

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