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Full of energy and life.
  1. 'Who knew the rave scene in Kitchener-Waterloo could be so vibrant and full of life?'
  2. 'New York City throbbed with a vibrant energy, just as it always did.'
  3. 'There's a lot of vibrant, creative energy here and it's building up.'
  4. 'The place is always jumping and the energy is vibrant.'
  5. 'It was magical, everything was so vibrant and colorful, full of life and energy.'
  6. 'I believe Basingstoke can continue to be successful, vibrant and full of positive action.'
  7. 'When he went in he was vibrant, full of life, but when he came out he was a ghost.'
  8. 'A vibrant democracy requires the fullest possible participation of its citizens and we urge our readers and their clients to vote.'
  9. 'Half of Turkey's population is under twenty and modern Istanbul is witness to the energy and vibrant lifestyle of this new generation.'
  10. 'The Indian area to the west of the city is vibrant and busy.'
  11. 'a huge room decorated in vibrant blues and greens'
  12. 'The vibrant colours of pink, blue and white, decorated with floral patterns, represented the arrival of spring.'
  13. 'Colours are bright and vibrant, with deep blacks and glossy whites.'
  14. 'Crisp white linen show off the robust flavours and vibrant colours of truly Italian food.'
  15. 'Colours are bright and vibrant and show off the scenery to advantage.'
  16. 'His pallet had matured and his striking but subtle contrasts in tone and colour are vibrant.'
  17. 'The first thing that had stoped her was the vibrant colour of blue.'
  18. 'It was a bright vibrant red colour, not thick, but mercifully not thin either.'
  19. 'They also add a vibrant colour creating a beautiful and welcoming workspace and home.'
  20. 'And his eyes were a bright vibrant blue that sparkled in the sunlight.'
  21. 'The sun crawls above the curvature of the land bringing bright and vibrant colours, seen like they were intended to be.'
  22. 'It all sounds unbelievably vibrant in DTS, as if the musicians are performing live in your family room.'
  23. 'The samples on their albums sound fresh and vibrant, not like the tired and clichéd samples so many rappers resort to.'
  24. 'The audience was reminded of what communication and vibrant sound we had missed when they gave a terrific, short Stanford encore out the front.'
  25. 'His voice once bouncy and vibrant was shattered and only left as melancholic gutterals that could barely be deciphered as speech.'
  26. 'Sound is also vibrant and active, making use of multiple channels for character voices and some ambient noise.'
  27. 'Rarely does one hear sound as vibrant and keenly phrased as Ma's at a dance concert.'
  28. 'After the meditation, sounds of vibrant percussion ensemble filled the air.'
  29. 'Basically, they had laid down their stage act on tape, so no wonder the sound is so vibrant and alive.'
  30. 'It all sounds vibrant, as if the listener had just walked into the best smoky bar in the world and the house band knew her exact mood and thoughts.'
  31. 'His voice was a vibrant, almost magnetic bass, and seemed to reverberate within the very rock wall of the cavern.'
Quivering; pulsating.
  1. 'With the performance of the worship, its spiritual potency is activated and it becomes vibrant with divine energy.'
  2. 'His concerts remained vibrant, pulsating showstoppers, rock as it was meant to be.'


1. moving to and fro rapidly; vibrating.

2. vibrating so as to produce sound, as a string.

3. (of sounds) characterized by perceptible vibration; resonant; resounding.

4. pulsating with vigor and energy: the vibrant life of a large city.

5. vigorous; energetic; vital: a vibrant personality.

6. exciting; stimulating; lively: vibrant colors; a vibrant performance.

7. Phonetics. made with tonal vibration of the vocal cords; voiced. noun

8. Phonetics. a vibrant sound.

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"turnovers can be vibrant at lots."

"scenes can be vibrant with kinds."

"productions can be vibrant as heats."

"productions can be vibrant as colours."

"people can be vibrant within people."

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Early 17th century (in the sense ‘moving rapidly, vibrating’): from Latin vibrant- ‘shaking to and fro’, from the verb vibrare (see vibrate).