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(of food or drink) without sugar or a similar substance having been added.
  1. 'For that reason, unsweetened chocolate is not considered a contributing factor in the development of caries in humans, or in measures of plaque formation, acidity, or enamel demineralization.'
  2. 'Children exposed to heavily sweetened foods develop a ‘sweet palate,’ but those who take the plunge and take unsweetened drinks may prefer them, which seems a better solution.'
  3. 'If they have a habit of eating unsweetened foods from the start they won't want sweet foods later.'
  4. 'The pastel de queso was a pleasantly unsweetened cheese pie.'
  5. 'Bringing the composer's tartly individual music to life (a bit like unsweetened lemon juice), they prove, too, an indispensable supplement to this sympathetic and thorough composer portrait.'
  6. 'There are also more mundane suggestions like using cheap shampoo instead of expensive cleansers to remove dirt from shower doors or using unsweetened lemonade Kool-Aid to remove lime and soap scum buildup from your dishwasher.'
  7. 'Drink at least eight glasses of water, herbal teas and unsweetened fruit juice.'
  8. 'Two to three glasses a day of unsweetened apple cider can help treat kidney and gall bladder stones.'
  9. 'Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, such as unsweetened fruit juice, cool water or ginger ale that's lost its carbonation.'
  10. 'Cheese-flavoured biscuits have their origins in medieval cheese tarts and pastries; but the totally plain, unsweetened biscuit for eating with cheese did not come into use until the 18th century.'


1. to make sweet, as by adding sugar.

2. to make mild or kind; soften.

3. to lessen the acridity or pungency of (a food) by prolonged cooking.

4. to reduce the saltiness of (a food or dish) by diluting with water, milk, or other liquid.

5. to make (the breath, room air, etc.) sweet or fresh, as with a mouthwash, spray, etc.

6. (in musical recording) to add musical instruments to (an arrangement), especially strings for a lusher sound.

7. Chemistry. to make (the sto

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"juices can be unsweetened."

"steaks can be unsweetened."

"slices can be unsweetened."

"products can be unsweetened."

"milks can be unsweetened."

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