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Not able to be relied upon.
  1. 'unreliable information'
  2. 'A few curse the memory of them as clunky, unstable, slow, unreliable and inherently unsafe.'
  3. 'The Railtrack work has to continue, and that makes for unreliable timetables.'
  4. 'My body feels older somehow, like a battered and slightly unreliable car.'
  5. 'It says the numbers would be too unreliable because relatives would not contact them if their loved ones had been found.'
  6. 'But word of mouth is often unreliable and by the time they reached town, all supplies had run out.'
  7. 'Then, it was accepted that a new car would be unreliable and poorly made.'
  8. 'Dozens of patients had their operations postponed because of the unreliable operating tables.'
  9. 'It is difficult to blame people for spending holidays abroad, when the weather here is so unreliable.'
  10. 'The experience of abuse often makes people difficult, all too easy to smear as unreliable witnesses.'
  11. 'For we will not be able to continue if we are unaffordable, or unreliable in broad terms.'


1. not reliable; not to be relied or depended on.

More examples(as adjective)

"surveys can be unreliable in places."

"polls can be unreliable in places."

"estimates can be unreliable for months."

"tomographies can be unreliable for things."

"supplies can be unreliable in places."

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