Adjective "Unguarded" Definition and Examples




    1. not guarded; unprotected; undefended.

    2. open; frank; guileless: an unguarded manner.

    3. exposed to attack or capture by the opponent without recourse by the player, as a card, chess piece, etc.: an unguarded queen of clubs; an unguarded pawn.

    4. not cautious or discreet; careless: In an unguarded moment he had told her about his affair.

    5. without a safeguard, as a cover, barrier, or shield, for protection: an unguarded buzz saw.


    "thieves can be unguarded at nights."

    "museums can be unguarded at nights."

    "jails can be unguarded for amounts."

    "moments can be unguarded."

    "remarks can be unguarded."

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