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The ability to understand something; comprehension.
  1. 'The compulsion that has driven the directors of these movies is beyond my understanding.'
  2. 'The sum is so beyond the realms of understanding that he can't grasp it.'
  3. 'She basked in the glow of it, without understanding or comprehension, as a plant receives sunlight.'
  4. 'Modern understandings of astrophysics allow three possible fates for such a collapsing star.'
  5. 'Some things, however, seemed destined to remain beyond my understanding.'
  6. 'In the intervening period, I invested a great deal of energy in the search for explanations and understanding.'
  7. 'Her idea of achievement is a clean house and an empty ironing basket; the demands of my career are quite beyond her understanding.'
  8. 'It may not be until June or July of next year until a more comprehensive understanding of the problem is reached.'
  9. 'Edwards clearly relying on someone else's brief, rather than his own knowledge or understanding of the issues.'
  10. 'Her levels of engagement, understanding and ability to follow the differentiated curriculum will have to be monitored.'
  11. 'a child of sufficient intelligence and understanding'
  12. 'He claims both superior knowledge and superior understanding.'
  13. 'I am aware, and hope I have also made it clear to the reader, that merely intellectual understanding is not sufficient.'
  14. 'The essay is an examination of the nature of the human mind and its powers of understanding.'
  15. 'Without perfect knowledge and perfect understanding, we cannot expect to make perfect decisions.'
  16. 'Reading with their parents and other caregivers can expand children's imagination, knowledge and understanding.'
  17. 'Yet for people to act responsibly, they must first have a certain level of understanding of the situation which faces them.'
  18. 'The first understandings of celestial mechanics were not dependent on vast stretches of time.'
  19. 'His understanding of the situation was that a fracas had spilled over from the field of play to where substitutes were sitting and they got involved.'
  20. 'The region is treated as part of the country in the memorandum, according to regional diplomats' understanding of the situation.'
  21. 'To be able to get so personal over a subject which is so controversial shows a complete lack of understanding of the situation from our point of view.'
  22. 'My understanding of the situation regarding the region was also influenced by his work.'
  23. 'Our understanding of normal sensory perception is based upon observations that are reproducible.'
  24. 'Perhaps, but then every individual's understanding of the world is unique.'
  25. 'That is, we filter and interpret information through our own experience and understandings.'
  26. 'My understanding of the situation a few years ago was that there were two main groups.'
Sympathetic awareness or tolerance.
  1. 'I think it is a totally different place and quite honestly a much better place in terms of tolerance and understanding.'
  2. 'All I would like is a little tolerance and understanding.'
  3. 'The support and understanding parents provide can help kids accept their most frightening emotions.'
  4. 'He thanked the people of the town for their remarkable tolerance and understanding.'
  5. 'I am incensed at the lack of tolerance and understanding that still exists in some quarters.'
  6. 'The steps towards tolerance and understanding between the communities will be slow and arduous.'
  7. 'Tolerance and understanding come from education.'
  8. 'In spite of this, they constantly discuss ways to increase awareness and understanding of their problems.'
  9. 'Public awareness and understanding will go a long way in making the life of such a person more meaningful and relaxed.'
  10. 'This training includes awareness and understanding of post traumatic stress.'
An informal or unspoken agreement or arrangement.
  1. 'he had only been allowed to come on the understanding that he would be on his best behaviour'
  2. 'Some cultures still have these understandings, where the men and women know their roles in a relationship.'
  3. 'It is the complex network of friends who look out for each other and run council affairs on the basis of shared understandings.'
  4. 'This agreement supersedes any prior agreements or understandings between the parties as to this subject matter.'
  5. 'Further, consent is subject to the cultural rules and understandings of that community.'
  6. 'How do we establish mutual agreements or common understandings while respecting diversity?'
  7. 'Her statement became the basis for understandings between the two countries.'
  8. 'The challenge is to create shared - but not necessarily common - understandings.'
  9. 'They're going to come out of this with a coherent set of guidelines and understandings.'


Sympathetically aware of other people's feelings; tolerant and forgiving.
  1. 'people expect their doctor to be understanding'
  2. 'A kind and understanding approach to any problem you may have, will be offered.'
  3. 'I became a totally different person, more knowledgeable, more tolerant, more understanding.'
  4. 'However, she did appreciate him for being such a considerate and understanding partner.'
  5. 'She turned to him, amazed at how understanding and patient he could be.'
  6. 'But being the tolerant, understanding guy that I am, I wanted to know more.'
  7. 'He moved to a new town, Thames, where he found a supportive psychologist and an understanding landlord.'
  8. 'I need a sympathetic, understanding elder right now, one who can help me out in my dilemma.'
  9. 'An assuring hand was placed on her arm, and she looked up to meet his sympathetic, understanding gaze.'
  10. 'When your partner is a comic book artist you have to be very understanding and tolerant of their life style, which seems to mean having little life besides comics.'
  11. 'My search was met with an understanding exasperation, as though he'd hoped that I would not ask.'
Having insight or good judgement.


    1. mental process of a person who comprehends; comprehension; personal interpretation: My understanding of the word does not agree with yours.

    2. intellectual faculties; intelligence; mind: a quick understanding.

    3. superior power of discernment; enlightened intelligence: With her keen understanding she should have become a leader.

    4. knowledge of or familiarity with a particular thing; skill in dealing with or handling something: an understanding of accounting practice.

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